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Auto Expo 2014: Mahindra Halo electric sportscar revealed
Feb 6, 2014
AutoCar India

Mahindra & Mahindra is really pushing its alternative propulsion technology at the Auto Expo 2014. First was the hybrid version of the XUV500 and the company’s electric Formula E racing car, which were showcased yesterday, and now, the company has unveiled a slew of EVs from its electric division Mahindra Reva.

The most exciting of these by far is the Mahindra Halo, an all-electric sportscar concept, and the first thing you’ll notice is that it looks great. It’s compact and well proportioned, the LED detailing is well executed, and the ‘double bubble’ roof just screams sportscar. And apparently, it’s no slouch either; the company claims it can dash from 0-100kph in under eight seconds. The brochure also hints at a 160kph top speed, and a 200km range, but there’s been no official confirmation on that. Keeping with its techie theme, the interior gets a large tablet on the centre console that displays various car functions in real-time and doubles up as a multimedia player too.

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