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ecoBLITZ; a definition ... for Ford == first WAYWFF thread

Part One______________________________
blitz n./v. (from bliztkreig: lightning-war)
(1) a sudden charge upon the adversary by more than one of the defenders
(2) a violent and sustained attack against the enemy
(3) to attack suddenly, intensely, and without warning
(loosely adapted from

Part Two______________________________
KickingTires blog- Ecoboost On Its Way; Debuts Summer 2009

Ford is banking on a new lineup of turbocharged engines to fuel its resurgence and tackle tough new mileage guidelines. The Ecoboost engine line was shown off at a Lincoln press conference at Ford’s Chicago manufacturing plant. We were able to get a glimpse at Ford’s plans and lay them out for you below.

...* Ecoboost uses turbocharging and direct fuel injection to improve fuel efficiency and decrease emissions.
...* Lincoln will be the first brand under Ford’s umbrella to offer the Ecoboost engine, starting as an optional engine in the 2010 Lincoln MKS that is scheduled to begin production at the Chicago plant in summer 2009.
...* The Ecoboost-outfitted Lincoln MKS will feature a twin-turbocharged 3.5-liter V-6 making an estimated 340 horsepower and 340 pounds-feet of torque. The engine will be marketed as a premium offering to compete with other luxury makes’ optional V-8 power...
* Estimated fuel economy for the MKS with an Ecoboost engine is 25 mpg on the highway.... ...2 mpg BETTER than the current 3.7-liter V-6... ...but there is also an extra 67 horsepower under the hood... ...more

Part 1+2=__ _________________________
Dear Ford,

In the spirit of OneFORD (not oneLincoln), please consider bringing out EcoBoost engines in as many appropriate vehicles as possible; ASAP (AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!!! - one per month sounds GOOD!)
Yes, some exclusivity for Lincoln (or Lincoln-Mercury!) would be nice
but as I've read on another forum earlier today, "the Big 2.5 can't afford ''nice'' right now".
I say give the EcoBoost MKS 2 months (TWO!) of uniqueness.
Then get some stockpiled 3.5v6-EB F-150's, Flex, new Mustangs, and perhaps others* out to dealers by the embargo date of their 'Announcement'.
(see? ^ Lincoln can still have its run as the only place to get an EcoBeast SEDAN, the Taurus ShoSvtSt can be "available Nov 1, 2009".)
follow up with the first EB-4cyl is similar fashion - get them in every appropriate vehicle ASAP!

note: I'm not saying to push out anything before it's ready
but somehow I've gotten the feeling that you might be playing with Ikebana-intro-dates
when there's no time like the present
or No Time could mean it's run out...

say it with me


* want to make even more of an impression?
Put some in TownCars and Rangers!
They^ aren't going anywhere as it is (double meaning) least not quickly.
Let them go out in a blaze of glory that'll make people anticipate What-Comes-Next.

very late addition:
This was the first WAYWFF thread
"What Are You Waiting For, Ford?"
before even coming up with ^that title

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^ yes, AFAIK, Tahoe
of course I'm not that kind of tech-savvie enough to know the differences from web pix/videos & articles.
the first EB being a 3.5 v6 & entering the market from the other direction (larger vehicles) could make a perception difference;
along with the whole EcoBoost name/label...
...I wonder if non-car-fans even know about the Solstice GXP and Cobalt SS?

If Ford (& Jim Farley) *keep* improving their advertising (*imho*)
everybody's gonna at least have HEARD about EB in short order

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can't wait the to see the numbers for the 4 banger ecoboost the V6's have lived up to the EB hype so far and hopefully these will do likewise. Can't wait to see one of these jammed into a ford fiesta if ford ever does decide to do that

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Thanks to 'Ravager' @ BON in their "Spied 2011 Ford Edge!" thread:
Ravager said:
Quick update we built about 80 2011 3.5 and 3.7 Test engines this week. Engines looks nicer than previous engines. (Induction manifold.)

A note of interest is the valve covers are plastic! ( See spy pics of 2011 Explorer has same engine)

I'm trying to confirm HP and torque numbers. I also need to verify if the engines are direct injection.

Anyone in the oakville area be ready to see some test vehicles running around soon.

I will post when the engines are shipped to Ford down the street.
I'm not sure when the are scheduled to build them.
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