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Do you love cars? Do you love betting against strangers on the Internet? If so, we’ve got news for you that might as well be an automotive Double Stuf Oreo.

Welcome to the first-ever Compact Car Playoffs. We’re asking you to predict how a series of head-to-head shootouts with 12 cars from 11 manufacturers will end up by filling out a betting bracket.

How Do I Play?

It’s easy. You download the bracket, fill it out and send it to [email protected]. Make sure to fill all the boxes because we will ignore incomplete submissions. We’re opening the floodgates to accept submissions today and keeping them open until midnight on April 30, 2015.

What Happens After That?

Starting on May 1 and for the nine following Fridays, we will publish one of the comparisons in the series. Don’t worry if you forget to check on your progress because we will send you a reminder when the stories go live. We won’t share your email address with anyone and you will stop getting notifications after the final three-way shootout comes out at the end of the series.

Gimmie The Loot!

Free stuff is great, free junk not so much. With that in mind, we have a bunch of prizes that we would actually buy for ourselves. If you manage to submit a perfect prediction, you will be eligible to win a set of new Toyo Versado Noir tires. We write “eligible” because there’s a chance we might have a tie for “most accurate prediction.” If that happens we will pool the tied contestants in an dirty old baseball caps and pluck a winner. If nobody submits a perfect guess we will give the grand prize to the person ...
For the rest of this story, Enter the 2015 Compact Car Playoffs and to participate in this give-away please visit
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