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EU exhaust rules hinder Land Rover, Jag sale
Lack of fuel-efficient models in fleets to offset emissions rules affects bids for Ford units.
Jason Singer and Stephen Power / Wall Street Journal
<!-- EDITORIAL: end headline area --><!-- ALL: Begin main story well --><!-- ALL: begin inside right column for poster ad, photos, related links -->Uncertainty over how the European Union will apply new regulations on carbon-dioxide emissions is clouding Ford Motor Co.'s effort to sell its Jaguar and Land Rover brands, according to people familiar with the matter.
Some potential bidders for the brands, including several private-equity firms, are wary of new rules intended to lower auto emissions and curb the gases believed to contribute to global warming, these people said. They worry that Jaguar and Land Rover -- niche makers of sports cars and sport utility vehicles, respectively -- will be hurt because they don't have broader fleets including more-fuel-efficient cars to offset their less-efficient models.

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