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Here’s one we are closely following – the Ford Fiesta Hatchback.

This is a five door hatch back that will soon be launched in North America (US and Canada). However, it is possible that this car could also find its way to India in 2011. A sedan version is also in the offering for the global market.

Pictures of this car on test are available elsewhere as well, but we may be the first to provide scoops of the front end. With that we can also identify some of the external features of this car.

To start with, the build quality looks absolutely sturdy. Appears to be a very heavy car with a meaty engine to pull it through. In comparison to the current Fiesta in India, this car has a aggressive design with up-swept lines and a broader waist line. The body lines are however smooth and clean. It gives the car a stocky feel. It is miles ahead of the Indian Fiesta. Infact, it makes the current version look like an outdated piece of soviet machinery.

Fortunately, we have a picture with the Indica DLS side by. This gives you an idea of the proportion. The car is almost similar to the Indica in width and height. You may even note that the bumper and windshield lines appear in line. And that is where the similarity ends. For the more curious and unconventional, we have a picture of the car side by an auto-rickshaw. The roof lines are not in line, but definitely indicative that the car would offer good head room.

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