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Ford Axes Falcon V8 & Full-Size Spare Tyre

James Stanford
10 August 2007

Ford Australia has killed off its optional V8 engine after the Canadian plant that produced it was closed.

The company has also announced today that it will follow the lead of Holden and its VE Commodore by switching from full-size to space-saver spare wheels in its Falcon this year.

The V8 decision affects the three-valve overhead-camshaft 5.4-litre engine that was optional for the Fairlane and Falcon sedan, wagon and ute, and standard fitment for the G8 Fairlane and LTD. Ford Australia will continue to offer the partly locally assembled four-valve DOHC version of the same V8 in its Falcon XR8 and FPV GT models.

The soon-to-be-deceased V8 was introduced as a base-model option for the BA Falcon model in 2002, replacing the ancient 5.0-litre Windsor pushrod V8. It was known as the Barra 220 or Barra 230, depending on the application, with the numbers referring to the maximum power output of the engine in kiloWatts.

In announcing the demise of the optional V8 engine, Ford Australia president Tom Gorman revealed how poor the sales of the powerplant have been in the last few months.

“We were down to about 10 a month, so it is not going to be a major impact on the business,” he said.

Ford’s Essex plant in Windsor, Ontario, had produced the 24-valve V8 which also powered the F-Series truck since the plant was expanded as part of a $900 million investment in 2002.
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