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Ford Set to Take Sales Crown from Corolla
August 31, 2012
By: Austin Rutherford

The Ford Motor Company announced today that it had produced its 350 Millionth vehicle. This comes nine years after it had produced its 300 Millionth.

Carrying the honor is a red Ford Focus built in Ford's newest plant located in Rayong, Thailand. This is the first time Ford has celebrated such a milestone outside of North America, showing the strong influence world markets have upon the company.

In doing do, Ford also announced that it believes the Ford Focus will top the Toyota Corolla for the title of "Best Selling Vehicle in the World" in 2012. Thanks to our sales reports here at FIN, we can confirm that the Ford Focus is outselling the "Normal Corolla." However, Toyota likes to cheat its numbers and include the previous generation, the Auris, and Matrix in the Corolla's nameplate sales.

Ford records Focus sales at nearly 490,000 for the first half. Since this is lower than the figures given by actual markets themselves, some Ford subsidiaries were not recorded.

Ford Focus is now built in eight plants in seven markets.
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