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Edge will debut in Europe next year
Ford Inside News
June 24, 2014
By: Austin Rutherford

"Bold Moves"? The "I like to live on the Edge" campaign? Remember those tag lines? Ford used those lines to win over the two row midsize market back in 2007 when the first generation Edge debuted. Eight years after our eyes peered onto that brand-changing vehicle, Ford has debuted the second generation Edge today. The goal of the first Edge was to take over the streets of the North America. The goal this time? The World.

Back in November, the Edge Concept was shown in Los Angles and in Barcelona to show the future styling and possible features of the 2015 model. If you take a look at the vehicle, not much has changed from the concept.


The exterior styling mimics that of the concept at basically every point. The grill keeps the North American friendly bigger bar design. The headlights look to be there same shape as the concept, although with different light fixtures. Even the running lights made it into production.

The side profile keeps the uplift in the rear window. Compared with the the current model, the side panels look fresher with a sporty style line near the bottom of the doors.

The rear keeps the concept's taillight design into production including the Lincoln-like design element. That could end up being a point of contention.

Overall, the proportions of the second generation Edge keep that of the original, which as served it well and will likely continue to do just that.


The interior looks to be largely carried over from the concept, much like the exterior. There are a few pure concept like details that are gone however, like the built in iPads. The new Edge will gain the Titanium trim level, which should allow for a more luxurious cabin.

The interior will also be quieter than the outgoing model by 1-sone. Adaptive noise canceling tech will also be standard in the Edge Sport.


The 2015 Edge rides on the Fusion derived CD4.2 platform, which will also underpin the next generation Lincoln MkX and Ford S-Max. In doing so, Ford says the Edge will continue having its sporty, athletic driving dynamics. This as been improved by new IRS system. The body has been improved 26 and 16 percent for stiffness in bending and twisting forces respectively.

The Edge will also be the first to debut Ford's adaptive steering technology, which allows the steering wheel-wheel turning ratio to alter for different situations.

The North American spec Edge will now offer three engines: the venerable 3.5L V6 was retained while a new 2.0L I4 Ecoboost and 2.7L V6 EcoBbost will be offered.

The new 2.0L I4 EB is now a twin scrolled turbo and will deliver around 245 hp and 270 lb. torque. Auto Start-Stop will be available on the engine.

The 2.7L V6 EB, a CGI block and already announced for the next F-150, will be offered exclusively on the Edge Sport. An estimated 300 hp is expected from the new power plant.

All models will carry the same six speed automatic will standard paddle shifters.


The Edge will be offered or come standard with active grill shutters to improve fuel economy. Also offered will be a front camera with a built in washer.

Enhanced active park assist will now park your vehicle in perpendicular parking spacing in addition to the current parallel spaces.

One of the more interesting pieces is the "air curtain." Using small duct work along the vehicle, the vehicle will put force air out on certain parts of the vehicle to improve fuel economy at high speeds.

The Edge will continue production at the Oakville Assembly Plant in Canada and will be exported to over 100 markets. Chinese production will likely be added for the new model next year.

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