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Andra Jackson, The Sydney Morning Herald, 25/05/07

The Ford Motor company is replacing brake hoses on its popular BF and BA Falcon models Australia-wide after a brake durability problem was detected.

Owners of the models are being asked to bring their cars into Ford dealerships "as a matter of course" to have the rear brakes hose replaced at no cost.
Ford public affairs spokesman Edward Finn said about 200,000 cars are involved, covering the Falcon range from the BA which came on the market in September 2002 to the BF Mark 2 which was released last March.
"The rear brake hoses on certain sedan models are being replaced because in certain circumstances they wear excessively and the brakes lose their operating effectiveness," Mr Finn said.
He stressed the brake replacements which began this week are taking place as a safety program and are not a recall.
So far the problem has been detected in around 1000 cars.
The brake problem will be noticeable, and accompanied by a warning light, but will still allow the car to stop within the prescribed distance, Mr Finn said.
The problem of excessive wear on the brake lining is believed to stem from the high mileage the vehicles tend to be put to over different road surfaces.
Another 20,000 vehicles in New Zealand will also be subjected for brake replacements.

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At least they are working to fix this. This Vehicle seems to be better than our Mustang anyways. The Interior is great, unlike anything you will find in a US Ford
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