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Ford Developing Ranger-Based SUV - InsideLine

Published Aug 4, 2010
Just the Facts:
  • Ford is developing a new truck-based SUV in Australia that is based on the new Ranger.
  • Like the new Ford Ranger, it will be sold in global markets.
  • The new Ranger is not yet confirmed for the U.S. market.
MELBOURNE, Australia — Ford is developing a new truck-based SUV in Australia that is based on the upcoming T6 Ranger platform and, like the new Ranger, will be sold in global markets.

News of the new Ranger-based SUV was reported initially by the Australian Web site GoAuto, which said Ford recently dispatched American engineering executive Todd Hoevener, who worked on the 2011 Explorer in the U.S., to Australia to oversee the T6 SUV project.

Like the next-generation Ranger, which is being engineered and developed in Australia, the T6 SUV will be aimed primarily at Australia and Southeast Asia markets, including Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia.

The T6 Ranger is slated to be introduced next year. Ford reportedly still has not decided whether to offer the new compact pickup in North America or simply phase out the existing U.S.-built model, with no direct replacement.

Ford Australia did not confirm the GoAuto report, although Public Affairs Manager Sinead McAlary said, "T6 is a global platform and we've always said we have the capability to generate more than one vehicle off that platform."

It is believed that the new SUV will compete directly with Nissan's Navara-based Pathfinder and Mitsubishi's Triton-derived Challenger.

Inside Line says: The new T6 ute is unlikely to replace Ford Australia's Falcon-based Territory, which may shift in the future to the new Taurus-based Explorer platform. — Mike Jarvis, Correspondent

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