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New Ford eQVM Program Electrifies Work Trucks

- Ford expands its Qualified Vehicle Modifier program to include companies that develop and install electrified and hydraulic hybrid powertrains for commercial vehicles, retaining the original powertrain warranty.

- Ford eQVM program launches with three developers – XL Hybrids, Lightning Hybrids and Motiv Power Systems

INDIANAPOLIS, March 14, 2017 – Ford is expanding its Advanced Fuel Qualified Vehicle Modifier (QVM) program to include companies that develop and install electrified and hydraulic hybrid powertrains for Ford trucks and vans.

The new eQVM program, unveiled at The Work Truck Show, helps fleet and commercial customers meet their unique and specific needs for durable, reliable electrified and hydraulic hybrid work trucks that retain the original powertrain warranty.

Ford is committed to being a leader in electrification. The company is investing $4.5 billion in 13 new electrified vehicles in the next five years. These include an all-new fully electric small SUV, a high-volume autonomous vehicle, a hybrid F-150, a hybrid Mustang, a Transit Custom plug-in hybrid and two new pursuit-rated hybrid police vehicles.

“Ford supports electrification for a variety of vehicle types,” said Richard Cupka Jr., Ford sustainability and QVM program manager. “The eQVM program extends that support to the vocational truck industry where customers need relatively small numbers of specialized vehicles – there is no one-size-fits-all work truck.”

The eQVM program kicks off with three developers – XL Hybrids, Motiv Power Systems and Lightning Hybrids. These companies offer electrification or hydraulic hybrid solutions for a range of Ford vehicles popular with fleet and commercial customers, including F-150, F-250 to F-550 Super Duty, F-650 and F-750 medium-duty trucks, Transit and E-Series vans and chassis, and F-53/F-59 stripped chassis.

The Ford QVM program includes more than 200 companies dedicated to modifying the automaker’s broad commercial vehicle lineup for customer applications in a number of industries, including motorhome, school bus, mobility, emergency services, conversion van, police and limousine. Additionally, QVM upfitters install a wide range of equipment onto Ford trucks and vans to transform them into the work trucks that help build America’s infrastructure and keep it running.

Ford’s thorough QVM qualification process includes on-site assessments at each location to verify the operation meets manufacturing, assembly, workmanship, customer service and quality requirements and that it has processes in place to produce vehicles that meet federal regulations. Vehicles modified by a Ford QVM in compliance with Ford guidelines retain their factory warranties.

The eQVM program builds on the success of the Advanced Fuel QVM program Ford launched in 2010. Through that program, customers can obtain Ford Transit Connect, Transit or E-450 vans and chassis, F-Series trucks and F-53/F-59 stripped chassis that run on compressed natural gas or propane. The eQVM program expands available alternative power options to include electrification and hydraulic hybrid systems.

The eQVM developers are:

XL Hybrids: Offers a hybrid electric drive system for Ford Transit, E-350 and E-450 chassis, F-250 to F-550 Super Duty trucks, F-650 and F-750 medium-duty trucks and
F-53/F-59 stripped chassis; as well as a plug-in hybrid upfit for the F-150 pickup.

Motiv Power Systems: Offers an all-electric powertrain for the Ford E-450 and F-59 chassis.

Lightning Hybrids: Offers a non-electric hydraulic hybrid energy recovery system for the Ford E-350 and E-450 chassis, F-350 to F-550 Super Duty trucks, F-650 and F-750 medium-duty trucks and F-59 chassis.

Attendees at The Work Truck Show in Indianapolis this week can explore several vehicles modified by the eQVM developers. The Ford booth, No. 3239, features a 2017 E-350 chassis cab with the XL Hybrids hybrid electric system installed and an F-59 stripped chassis equipped with the Motiv electric powertrain. Lightning Hybrids will show a

Ford E-350 box truck equipped with its hydraulic hybrid energy recovery system at its booth, No. 5475. XL Hybrids will also display a Ford Transit with hybrid electric system and new plug-in hybrid F-150 in booth

No. 425. Test drive a walk-in van built on a Ford F-59 chassis equipped with the Motiv electric powertrain at The Work Truck Show Ride-and-Drive on Wednesday and Thursday.

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Ford F-150 Plug-In Hybrid On The Way From XL Hybrids
— by Aaron Birch — Apr 7, 2017

XL Hybrids – an undisputed leader in powertrain electrification systems for fleet customers – has announced that its new XLP™ plug-in-hybrid system will find its way into current-generation Ford F-150 pickups starting later this year. Knapheide Manufacturing will perform the upfittings.

Both XL Hybrids and Knapheide were recognized as part of Ford’s new “eQVM” – or “electrified Qualified Vehicle Modifier” – program, announced at The Work Truck Show in Indiana last month. Knapheide has been performing installations of XL Hybrids’ XL3® hybrid powertrain system on Ford F-150 trucks for more than three years. The XLP system takes XL3 a step further, adding a recharge port and a larger battery pack.

“XL Hybrids’ XLP system is the first Fleet-Ready™ plug-in hybrid electric technology designed specifically to meet the operational requirements of fleets, as well as deliver a solid financial return,” said XL Hybrids co-founder and COO Clay Siegert in a statement. “Plus, our cloud-based data analytics system, XL Link™, provides fleets with an unparalleled ability to measure key performance indicators and receive an analytics summary of millions of vehicle operational data points per vehicle.”

Knapheide will start upfitting 2017 and 2018 Ford F-150 pickups with the XLP plug-in-hybrid system starting in the fourth quarter of this year. Installation will take only a couple of hours, and fleet customers will be able to order the electrified system as a ship-thru upfit, with trucks being sent from the Ford Kansas City Assembly Plant straight to Knapheide’s own Kansas City facility. The XLP system will work with a range of different truck configurations, and won’t require modifications to the factory engine, fuel system, exhaust system, or transmission.

Better still, the factory powertrain warranty will remain in effect, and XL Hybrids will warranty its own system for 3 years/75,000 miles.

Of course, Ford is set to release its own hybridized Ford F-150 pickup by 2020. Either way, fleet customers looking to slash refueling costs and improve up-time have their options.

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