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Ford Motor Co. said today that its fast-growing Quick Lane Tire and Auto Center business is on track to reach 600 stores by the middle of next year due to growth in the United States and abroad.

Quick Lane is Ford’s service center brand and is operated by Ford, Lincoln and Mercury auto dealers but doesn’t carry the Ford branding or logo. Ford first established Quick Lane in 1997 and currently has 553 locations in its network.

Today, Ford said it plans to open about 25 new locations by the end of this month and expects to reach the 600 mark before June 30. Ford also opened a location in Singapore earlier this year and a location in Costa Rica this fall.

“We’ve found that Quick Lane has been very advantageous to the growth and service to our customers and dealers,” said Frederiek Toney, vice president of Ford’s customer service division.

Quick Lane offers routine vehicle maintenance such as oil and filter changes, and light repair services such as brake repair and tire replacement.

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