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Luke Vandezande
Jun 11, 1:32 PM

Ford just announced its new F-150 Special Service Vehicle (SSV) package which is aimed directly at fire rescue and law enforcement fleets.

“Our fleet customers have been asking us to create this option for F-Series trucks,” said Ford Government Sales Manager Tony Gratson. “We’re confident the current and updated 2013 F-150 equipped with the SSV Package will be of particular interest to our government customers with rugged jobs such as law enforcement, firefighting, and national and state park patrols.”

Meant to be as flexible as possible to meet individual agency needs, the trucks include a no-cost SSV option that adds a 220-amp alternator to cope with heavy-duty electrical demands. Additionally, the automaker says there are no option restrictions on the vehicles. Keeping in line with the idea of flexibility, the package is available on both SuperCab and SuperCrew configurations in either rear-wheel or four-wheel drive systems.

Full text at link

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