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Been having a few issues with the gearbox im using, not sure what box it is but it was in car when bought the shell and it had a series1 setup. basicly it sometimes popped out of the bottom gears randomly, and tonight ive been out init and now lost my third gear?? will go in all other but 3rd. and at one point it wouldnt go across into 1st 2nd or 3rd, until i shook gearstick. i know front gearbox mount is a bit knackered but i doubt that will effect it???
its not an lsd box and its in a mk3 escort too. i have an lsd out of my old mk4 but box wont mount up, is my box a gonner and if it is, whats my best option now? i could do with lsd somehow.
or could this be a simple case of gear selector?

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