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F-Series joins Focus on the Podium
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May 5, 2014
By: Austin Rutherford

The year 2012 marked a milestone when the Toyota Corolla X was toppled by the Ford Focus as the best selling vehicle globally. It was the first time in nearly a decade that the Corolla had not been the best selling vehicle.

However, the ranking for 2013 was up in the air following 2012. The 11th generation Corolla launched and the Auris was merged due to the new generation essentially being a Corolla Hatch. This allowed the vehicle to close up the gap between it and the Focus.

Thanks to our own data collection, we can now reveal which vehicle was the best selling vehicle of 2013. The Ford Focus retains its crown! Unlike Ford's (through Polk) and Toyota's data already revealed earlier this year, this data calculates vehicle sales and not nameplate sales. Many vehicle sales can have two or more nameplates and many nameplates can have two or more vehicles. This calculation takes into account these circumstances.

The Focus was not the only Ford on the podium in 2013. The F-Series/Lobo took third place by knocking the Toyota Camry/Aurion off the spot.

The Podium:

  1. Ford Focus – 1,107,553
  2. Toyota Corolla X,XI/Auris < 1,099,483*
  3. Ford F-Series/Lobo – 921,752
* - Matrix sales could not be separated in the US.

2013 will most likely be the last time for awhile that you will see the Ford Focus take the top spot. In 2014, the all-new Corolla will be in its first full year and it will launch in China as well. The Focus will also be outside its switchover period and will cause the second generation to be separated out. That will likely not matter anyway as the all-new Escort will replace it in China and the Corolla/Auris will outsell the Focus anyway.

Nonetheless, Ford can not only relish in the fact that it had the best selling vehicle in the world, but had two in the top three.

A full ranking of all vehicles sold in 2013 will be presented shortly.

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This confirms there is little to complain about the current Focus,even though it appears many arm-chair CEO's in North America disagree.

The MK3 is still selling more (in both USA and Canada) then the MK1 ever did, and I would think it is safe to assume at a profit per unit.

It is obvious the Focus can be a "not one size fits all" and sell on its merits of being a fun,sporty and not like all the others compact cars. Even the gushed over new Mazda3 cannot attempt this feat of being an "individual" in a sea of perfect sized rear seats, flat spacious front cabins blah blah blah Corolla like McCheeseburger like offerings.:lmao:

Even in the USA.:thumb:

Congrats to the best Focus yet :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:
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