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Ford Fusion #3 Midsize Sedan for April - Higher Incentives for May

Fusion had a good month in April with sales of 26,435. But that was still at a -1.1% decline from April 2013 at 26,722, and a YTD decline of -3%(104,013 vs 107,270).

Looking at the competition for April, Fusion leapfrogged over Altima at 25,004(up 13% for April) to the #3 sales spot, but still trail Altima YTD at 114,289.

Accord remained at #2 at 34,124 which was up 1.7% for April, but still down -7.1% at 113,312.

To talk about Camry we must talk about incentives.

For the second month the Camry offers a comparable monthly lease of $199/mo similar to Fusion, Accord and Altima, with the difference being the Camry came with a $2,000 lease discount. Which helped Camry reach 38,009 for April, up 19.9%, but still down just -.2% YTD at 132,292.

But for May it looks like Ford decided it has to play the game/be competitive if it wants to compete.

There is now a new lease for the 2014 Fusion SE at $149/mo with $2,609 down. Which bring Fusion Net Lease payment(payments+down) back to the $30/mo higher than Camry at Fusion $257/mo vs $227/mo for Camry. Which is the same variance between Fusion and Camry before Toyota dropped the lease by $2,000.

Even with a $2,000 leas discount for Camry, the Fusion Hybrid remains the #1 Selling midsize Hybrid for the Sixth Straight Month.
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