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Ford Fusion Overtakes Honda Accord In American Sales
By Nauman Farooq
June 27 2011

Ask anyone to name a mid-size sedan, and they would most probably mention the Toyota Camry or the Honda Accord. Both these cars sell in huge numbers and are a part of most suburban neighborhoods.

But a look at the registration numbers of mid-size sedans sold in America, shows that the Ford Fusion is now the second most popular sedan in America, trailing the Toyota Camry. The ever popular Honda Accord has slipped down to third place.

However, the Accord is available in two body-styles, coupe and sedan, and when you combine these two, you’ll find that the Accord is still in second place. If you concentrate just on sedans, the Fusion, an American car built on a Japanese car platform (the Fusion is based on the old Mazda6) has taken the first runner-up spot.

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