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Ford looking to increase Canadian crossover plant to build export model
By Andrew Ganz
Jul 14th, 2011

Ford Motor Company is looking to increase both the number and type of vehicles it assembles at its Oakville, Ontario, assembly plant, according to the automaker’s Canadian CEO.

David Mondragon, the chief of Ford’s Canadian operations, told media that the automaker has been meeting with government officials in Ontario in an effort to secure tax benefits and sources of funding that would allow it to expand the plant.

“Our plan is to move forward with further conversations with the government but we don’t have an exact time line,” Mondragon told Reuters.

Currently, Ford builds two midsize crossovers, the Ford Edge and Lincoln MKX, and two full-size crossovers, the Ford Flex and Lincoln MKT, at Oakville. Of those, only the Edge is a high-volume model.

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