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Auto Sales Remain in a Rut; Ford Overtakes Toyota - WSJ
MAY 1, 2009, 2:52 P.M. ET

Ford Motor Co. reported a 32% drop in U.S. vehicle sales for April, but the healthiest of Detroit's auto makers outsold Toyota Motor Co. for the first time in at least a year.

The Japanese auto maker's U.S. sales fell 42%. General Motors Corp. said its sales fell 33% last month, however the auto maker noted that shipments were up significantly from March.

"We see that stabilization, along with the firming up of our fleet business and improvement in Silverado and Sierra sales, as an encouraging sign," said Mark LaNeve, GM's Nirth American sales chief.

Industrywide auto sales have tumbled since September as the U.S. recession took hold. The Commerce Department reported Thursday that consumers cut their spending in March as incomes declined, although a drop in new jobless claims offered some hope that the labor market is stabilizing.

"We continue to operate in a very challenging economic and competitive environment," said Ken Czubay, Ford vice president of sales and marketing.

GM sold 172,150 vehicles in the U.S. in April, down from 257,638 a year earlier. Its car sales fell 41%, while sales of light trucks – which include sport utility vehicles, vans and pickups – fell 27%.

Ford said in April it sold 133,979 light vehicles in the U.S., down from 195,665 a year earlier, but the company said it is gaining market share.

Ford, Lincoln and Mercury car sales dropped 31% despite record sales of its Fusion sedan. Sport-utility vehicles continued to tumble, falling 61% in April. Sales of pickups and vans dropped 36%.

Toyota sold 126,540 vehicles in the U.S., as both car and light-truck sales fell more than 40%.

Also Friday, Honda Motor Co. said its U.S. sales fell 25% to 101,029. Nissan Motor Co. reported a 38% drop to 47,190 vehicles, while Daimler AG's sales fell 31% to 15,910. Other auto makers will release their monthly results later in the day.

Auto manufacturers have cut capacity, costs and inventory in the wake of the global slowdown in demand caused by weak economies and tight credit.

Last week, car-shopping Web site said it expected new-vehicle sales in the U.S. for April to fall 31% from a year earlier, but edge up 0.5% from March.
Auto sales plunge, but outlook improves -
Chrysler's sales sink 48% in April, GM reports 33.2% decline, while Ford outpaces Toyota's monthly sales for first time in 2 years.
By David Goldman, staff writer
Last Updated: May 1, 2009: 3:34 PM ET

NEW YORK ( -- U.S. auto sales plummeted again in April, but automakers said conditions were stabilizing and that the market is getting closer to a recovery...

...With the exception of Toyota and Chrysler, the pace of April's declines were not as steep as the previous month...

...Emily Kolinski Morris, Ford's senior U.S. economist said Ford also anticipates a second-half recovery in vehicle sales, as Ford has noticed an uptick in customers opting for more content and features in cars, rather than scaled-down cheaper models...

...Ford Motor Co. (F, Fortune 500) reported a 31.6% drop in sales from a year ago...

Toyota... ...reported worse-than-expected sales, falling 41.9% year-over-year in April, compared to expectations of a 40.2% decline. April's slipping sales outpaced the 39% drop the company registered in March.

The 129,898 vehicles sold by Ford's domestic brands in April outpaced Toyota's 126,540 sales. It was the first time Ford outpaced Toyota's monthly sales since April 2007...

...Though most of Ford's car models fell by more than 23%, sales of its mid-sized Fusion model actually rose by 21.7% last month, buoyed by the new hybrid version of the car...

Fomoco sales info (.pdf) -
TMS sales info -

Top 10 Best-Selling Cars: April 2009 - KickingTires

Honda Accord: 29,212
F-Series: 28,757
Chevy Silverado: 26,437
Honda Civic: 26,252
Toyota Camry: 25,324
Toyota Corolla: 18,534
Ford Fusion: 18,321
Dodge Ram: 17,903
Chevy Impala: 17,532
Chevy Malibu: 14,665

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2b2 you beat me to it!!

I am very proud of FORD for smacking the smirk off of Toyota's face. This proves to everyone that FORD is the best!! 2 of the top ten were Fords!!

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partially-quoting a friend
Simon_says said:
Fusion sales help Ford gain in US auto market
While rivals struggle to stay afloat, Ford gains share of US auto market

Kimberly S. Johnson and Dan Strumpf, Associated Press Writers

DETROIT (AP) -- Detroit's Big Three is becoming Ford and the other two.

While its rivals stay afloat with billions in government aid, Ford grabbed a bigger slice of the American car market in April with record sales of its fuel-efficient Fusion. Those results pushed it past Toyota to retake its post as the nation's No. 2 car seller.

Even though Ford's monthly sales tumbled 32 percent from a year earlier, it captured 16 percent of the total market. Most of those gains came at the expense of General Motors and Chrysler, which unlike Ford are dependent on federal help.

Overall U.S. auto sales reported Friday fell 34 percent from a year earlier. Automakers sold about 820,000 light vehicles in April, about 38,000 fewer than in March but still a big improvement over January's 27-year low.

"It seems we're bouncing on the bottom of the bathtub, but it's somewhat stabilized," Chrysler Vice Chairman Jim Press said in a conference call with journalists. "Maybe we've figured out where the bottom is."...

...Ford sold a record number of Fusions -- 18,321 -- with the unveiling of its 2010 gas and hybrid versions of the car.

"Fusion appears to have broken the hold on the midsize sedan segment," said Ken Czubay, Ford's vice president of sales and marketing. Ford began selling the Fusion in 2005 with its 2006 model.

Toyota Motor Corp., which had overtaken Ford as No. 2 in U.S. sales, fell behind its rival in monthly sales for the first time in months. Ford got a lift from its line of midsize cars that burn less gasoline.

Ford Motor Co. sold 133,979 light vehicles in April, compared with 195,665 for the same month of 2008. The figures exclude sales of heavy and low cab forward trucks. Sales rose from March to April, with Ford selling 2,878 more cars.

"Based on dealer commentary, we believe this was at least partially due to customers shifting to Ford based on concerns about a potential bankruptcy filing at General Motors and Chrysler," said Brett Hoselton, auto analyst for KeyBanc Capital Markets.

April marked the sixth time in seven months that Ford gained retail market share...

...Meanwhile, Toyota reported a 42 percent drop in April sales. Toyota, the world's biggest automaker, was weighed down by declining sales across the board and a 62 percent slide in sales of its Prius hybrid.

The Japanese automaker is phasing out the existing Prius to make way for its 2010 model, which goes on sale in the U.S. in the coming weeks.

Ford's midsize Fusion model is a viable competitor against Toyota's popular Camry, with the 2010 models getting praise for quality, safety and fuel economy. More than 40 percent of the 2010 Fusions sold are hybrids that get 41 miles per gallon (17.5 kilometers per liter)...

for more CLICK HERE

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What is it about April that has people buy Accords and not F150 - April 2008 was the one month that F150 was not the sales king last year.

PS: Fusion > Ram WOOT !! ;)


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GM have 3 nameplates in the top ten: Silverado, Impala and Malibu. Ford need the Taurus will be a great succes: imagine a 3 top ten Fords: F-150, Fusion and Taurus! or better than that: 4 top ten Fords: F-150, Fusion , Taurus and the new 2010 Focus! That will give Ford the 1st place in America and could give them a 2nd or third place in the world top 5 car companys
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