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One of the benefits of having a turbocharged powertrain is all its untapped performance, and Ford is looking to put that into the hands of the owners.

Now that the American automaker is equipping nearly all its models with an EcoBoost engine, including its all-new Mustang, enthusiasts will be happy to hear that the company will back its Ford Racing ProCal tuner with a warranty. That is, with the Ford Racing ProCal, owners will be able to increase performance by remapping the ECU without concern of voiding the warranty or worse, blowing up the engine. With a retail price of $595, the Ford Racing calibrations aren’t as extreme as what you can potentially get out of the car, but they are also safe and guaranteed.

For example, the Ford Focus ST can see its torque increased by 90 lb-ft using the ProCal. The company hasn’t shared possible increases in performance when used with its Fiesta ST and Mustang EcoBoost engines, but expect similar gains as the ProCal likely adds more fuel and additional boost from the turbocharged engine.

So why wouldn’t the vehicles simply come from the factory with the added performance? Think emissions and fuel economy.
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