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•Despite volume and share decreases in 2010, Ford remains Europe's No.2 best-selling passenger car brand
•Market share was 8.4 percent in 2010, a decrease of 0.7 percentage points from 2009; volume was at 1,279,000, 160,000 vehicles lower than in 2009
•The total industry in Ford's traditional 19 main Western European markets remained weak: industry down for the ninth consecutive month in December, the lowest December year-to-date industry since 1996
•Ford improved its sales in Russia, Turkey and Eastern Europe in 2010 – up 64, 61, and 18 per cent respectively
•Ford was the UK's top-selling car and commercial vehicle brand for the 34th and 45th consecutive years, and led market segments with Fiesta, Focus, Galaxy and Transit
•Total sales market leader for 2010 also in Denmark, Hungary, Ireland and Turkey, and No. 1 imported brand in Italy and the Czech Republic
•All-new C-MAX developing strong sales momentum, with 13,000 sales after only two months and with the launch still being rolled out across Europe
•All-new Focus to go on sale in early 2011
•Ford expects the 2011 European overall market to be in the region of 14.5 to 15.5 million units (Euro 19 markets)
COLOGNE, January 13, 2011 – Ford remained a strong sales leader in Europe in 2010, despite a volume and market share decrease compared to the previous year.

Maintaining its position as the No.2 passenger car brand in Europe for the third successive year, Ford's market share in its main 19 European markets was 8.4 per cent, a decrease of 0.7 percentage points from 2009. Total vehicle sales volume at 1,279,000 was 160,000 units down on the previous year.

"2010 was a challenging year for the European auto industry, including Ford," said Stephen Odell, Chairman and CEO, Ford of Europe. "It was almost inevitable Ford would lose some share and sales in Europe. This was in part due to some of the competitive actions in the market, but also because we received a boost in 2009 introducing the all-new Ford Fiesta and Ka models just as scrappage schemes were taking effect."

"We're a volume manufacturer and we will maintain our leading position in Europe. But we will not undermine our fundamentally efficient and strong business by buying share or volume through widespread and excessive incentives that can damage residual values and brand image."

"Our goal in Europe is to continue to provide our customers with the great products they want to drive and own. The latest Ford vehicles provide exceptional fuel economy and refined driving performance, and levels of customer-focused technology that are often only found in premium vehicles," said Mr. Odell.

Ford is currently rolling out the next-generation Ford C-MAX models across Europe and has already sold 13,000 units in just over two months, and is about to launch the all-new Ford Focus, one of the most significant new cars in Ford's history.

Ford is also introducing at least 20 new products and derivatives in Europe over the next three years. These include an all-new Ford Kuga and B-segment vehicle, as well as a completely freshened commercial vehicle range starting with the Ford Ranger later this year. Plus, Ford will launch its first all-electric vehicle in 2011 – the Ford Transit Connect Electric – and the Ford Focus Electric follows next year.

Ford's reduced share and volume was set against the backdrop of an overall decline in total European vehicle sales – including the second-lowest December monthly sales since 2001 (only December 2008 was lower, at the peak of the global economic recession) – and unprecedented market incentives offered by some competitors.

At around 15.3 million in the full year, the total market was more than half a million units below the 2009 level. Ford is currently forecasting a European market of around 14.5 to 15.5 million units in 2011, the wide spread being the result of continuing uncertain pace of the European economic recovery.

In terms of individual market performance, Ford ended 2010 as the UK's top selling car and commercial vehicle brand for the 34th and 45th year, and was also total sales market leader in Denmark, Hungary, Ireland and Turkey for the full year 2010, whilst remaining the No.1 imported brand in Italy and the Czech Republic throughout the year and in December.

"Our focus is on continuing to strengthen further our performance, not only in our more established markets but also in the growth markets," said Roelant de Waard, vice-president, Marketing, Sales and Service, Ford of Europe. "We're particularly pleased that in a difficult year Ford managed to strengthen its position in the important growth markets of Russia, Turkey and Eastern Europe, with improvements of 64, 61 and 18 per cent respectively."

All 51 European markets: December and Full Year
In the last month of 2010, Ford sold 125,400 new vehicles across its 51 European markets, down seven per cent, or 9,400 vehicles, on the same month last year. For the full year 2010, 1,541,600 new Ford vehicles have been registered, representing a reduction of 113,200 compared to the full year 2009, or a decline of 6.9 per cent compared to 2009.

December sales highlights (Euro 19 plus Russia and Turkey)
Market Performance:

•Market share in Russia was at 5.3 per cent, slightly up by 0.04 ppts. December sales in Russia were at 11,500 units, an increase of 63.8 per cent or 4,500 units on 2009, whilst Turkey reported a sales gain of 61 per cent to 25,100, up by 9,500 versus December 2009.
•Market leader in the UK, Denmark, Ireland, Hungary, The Netherlands and Turkey for the month.
•Ford's share in its main 19 European markets was 7.2 per cent for December, two ppts below last year.
•Commercial Vehicle volume of 28,200 per cent was the best CV December volume since 2007.
•Increased share in three of Ford's main 19 European markets plus in Russia.
•Ford was again No.1 imported brand in Italy and the Czech Republic.
•Denmark's volume of 2,700 was up 1,200 units or 30.3 per cent on December 2009.
•Highest share gains in the traditional 19 European region were delivered in Poland (up 0.4 ppts, with share at 8.3 per cent), The Netherlands (up 0.4 ppts; market-leading share at 11.7 per cent, the highest since 2007) and Ireland (up 0.2 ppts; share at 25 per cent, the highest share of all Ford's 19 European markets in December).
Model Performance:

•Fiesta (22,800), Focus (15,400), and Transit (9,300) were Ford of Europe's three top-selling vehicles.
•Fiesta was also the best-selling foreign vehicle for the month in Italy, and was overall retail sales leader in Britain, where Ka, C-MAX and Galaxy were the top-sellers in their respective segments.
•Since its market debut in October 2008, more than 1,105,000 customers have purchased the Fiesta around the world, with more than 926,000 cars being sold in Europe.
•New C-MAX sales soared to 5,700 in December, now totaling 12,600 units in 2010, the best December C-MAX volume since 2007.
•Kuga sales of 6,100 were the best December volume for Kuga since launch in early 2008.
•S-MAX and Galaxy had another strong month in December, with S-MAX sales being up by 400 units to 4,400, the highest December volume since 2006, whilst Galaxy saw sales of 2,000, up by 200 on 2009, the highest volume and share since 2007.
•Transit sales of 9,300 units (up by 600 on December 2009) were the largest December volume for Transit since 2007.
•Retail sales accounted for 77 per cent of Fiesta, 76 for Fusion, 72 per cent of Ka, and 64 per cent of Kuga sales in December 2010.
Full Year 2010 performance (Euro 19 plus Russia and Turkey)
Market Performance:

•No.2 top-selling passenger car brand in Europe year-to-date.
•Market leader in the UK, Denmark, Ireland, Hungary and Turkey.
•Ford's share was at 8.4 per cent, down by 0.7 ppts on the full year of 2009.
•Ford's share increased in two of its main 19 European markets, plus in Turkey.
•Achieved top-selling car and commercial vehicle brand position in 2010 in Britain for the 34th and 45th consecutive year.
•Leading import brand in the Czech Republic and Italy for the full year 2010.
•In the full year 2010, Switzerland reported a volume of 17,900, up by 1,300 units or an increase of 7.8 per cent on the same period 2009.
•Scandinavian markets are going from strength to strength in the full year 2010. Denmark had registrations of 19,000, up by 5,700 units, an increase of 42.5 per cent on 2009 and the highest full year volume improvement in all of Ford's 19 markets. In Sweden registrations rose 5,500 units or 35.2 per cent to 21,000. Norway's sales volume was at 15,000, up by 2,400 or an increase of 19 per cent on the full year 2009.
•The highest share gains of all 19 markets in the full year 2010 were in Denmark (+0.8 ppts at 10.9 per cent share) and Sweden (+0.01 ppts to 6.3 per cent).
•For the full year 2010, Turkey's share was at 15.8 per cent, up by 0.7 ppts on the same period 2009. Sales in Turkey increased by 37,000 units to 123,800 in the full year 2010 – a 42.6 per cent sales plus on the same period 2009. 2010 full year sales for Ford in Russia were at 90,100, up by 9.8 per cent or 8,000 units on 2009.
Model Performance:

•The three best-selling vehicles in the full year 2010 were the Fiesta (399,600), Focus (258,300) and Transit (128,900).
•Year-to-date Transit share was the highest full year share since 2006.
•In the full year of 2010, Fiesta remained the best-selling foreign vehicle in Italy.
•Fiesta remained No.1 best-selling car in the UK for the full year 2010 – for the second consecutive year, while Transit was the best-selling commercial vehicle in 2010.
•Kuga has been a hit with customers in the full year 2010 with sales of 72,500, up by 8,500 on the full year 2009 – the best full year volume and share for Kuga since launch in February 2008. Also, Kuga was leading the off-read segment in Spain in the full year of 2010.
•Still being launched across Europe, all-new C-MAX sales achieved 12,600 - the highest volume improvement of a Ford vehicle in the main 19 markets for the full year 2010.
•C-MAX and S-MAX were the best-selling foreign vehicles in their segment in France.

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