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Ford Selects Canadian Plant to Build All-New Global Utility Vehicle for Export to More Than 60 Countries

Ford will build an all-new Edge utility vehicle for global markets at its Oakville Assembly plant, near Toronto, and export to more than 60 countries

Adding a new global product at Oakville follows Ford’s C$700 million investment in the plant to make it one of the most competitive and advanced global manufacturing facilities in Canada, while preserving 2,800 jobs

Edge Concept, now on display at the Canadian International Auto Show, strongly hints at the technology, dynamic design and premium craftsmanship that will define the next generation of global utility vehicles from Ford

Ford of Canada’s Oakville Assembly plant will build the all-new Ford Edge global utility vehicle, shipping it from Canada to more than 60 countries as demand for utility vehicles grows worldwide.

The Ford Edge competes in the global utility segment, which grew 13 per cent year over year in 2013. Ford outperformed the segment with 35 per cent growth and more than 1.2 million vehicles sold worldwide, and Edge production surpassed its 1 million vehicle milestone last year. The utility segment in markets outside North America grew 112 per cent in 2013 and is forecast to grow 30 per cent in 2014, with utility sales expected to total approximately 600,000 vehicles this year.

“The decision to produce the all-new global Edge in Canada is proof that Canadian manufacturers can compete, and win, globally,” said Dianne Craig, president and CEO, Ford Motor Company of Canada, Ltd. “We’re ready to showcase Oakville Assembly’s commitment to craftmanship and advanced manufacturing to deliver what our global customers want and value -- a high-quality vehicle with class-leading design, fuel efficiency and performance.”

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"Selects"? Didn't you select it 9 years ago for the Edge and are just continuing it?
I suppose that it's not always a given that a vehicle will stay in one plant (see Impala). I take this is a very good vote of confidence in aut manufacturing in CAnada... after what is happening in Australia I was getting concerned for Canada, but am very happy to see this announcement.

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^ Paul,
imho Canadia has several things going for it that Oz doesn't
-- it's much closer to anyplace that 'matters' - ie Dearborn/Detroit
-- higher population - ie # of car buyers
-- less suicidal government critters - ie the US Congress DOES make an effective Bad Example

diff subject - thinking about factories and future vehilces
wonder if Oakville could survive on just the CD4.2 platform?:

and maybe add the
lwb-MKZ (China)
which kinda brings up the question of a 2020:
and that last one adds:
XR5 which would be Rwd tho CD4-based
WHICH could mean a new Rwd:
Falcon? with the advantage of coming from a UK-member-country...
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