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•Ford commits to introduce five full-electric and hybrid models in Europe by 2013 as part of its global electric vehicles plan
•To start, zero-emission Ford Transit Connect Electric to launch in 2011, followed by Focus Electric in 2012
•Two new hybrid-electric models and a plug-in hybrid-electric model will follow in 2013
•Collaborative efforts with governments and partners in European-based trial initiatives provide invaluable experience to help Ford bring full-electric vehicles to market
Geneva, March 2, 2010 – Ford Motor Company is confirming today that its global electric vehicles plan is extending to Europe with five full electric or hybrid vehicles across its C, CD and light commercial vehicle ranges coming for European customers by 2013.

Specifically, Ford will launch two zero-emission full battery-electric vehicles including the Transit Connect Electric light commercial vehicle in 2011 followed by the Ford Focus Electric in 2012. Three other vehicles – two next-generation petrol hybrid-electric vehicles and a plug-in hybrid – will be introduced in 2013.

Ford’s global electrification strategy will deliver a suite of electrified vehicles to a variety of markets and build on the company's overall vision of offering the widest possible range of technology solutions – instead of a single vehicle or technology – to improve fuel economy and lower CO2 emissions for customers around the world.
"We recognise that one technology does not work for all our customers," said Derrick Kuzak, Ford's group vice president of Global Product Development. "Our electrification strategy and plans include hybrids, plug-in hybrids and battery electric vehicles to best meet our global customers' needs. Leveraging our global platforms is also central to this strategy and allows us to build on our strong product line-up in the most customer-driven, affordable way."

As Ford's global product vision accelerates to ensure that all the company's vehicles competing in global segments become common in Europe, North America and Asia, the resulting efficiencies will allow a global portfolio of environmentally friendly transportation solutions to be developed based around hybrid electric, plug-in hybrid electric and all-electric vehicles.

"Our goal is to provide consumers with access to significant fuel economy improvements and reduced CO2 emissions to meet their functional needs and without compromising their driving experience," said John Fleming, Chairman and CEO, Ford of Europe.

"There is increasing interest among a number of customers in Europe for electrified vehicles and we are responding by stepping up our efforts to bring these models to the marketplace alongside our latest-generation, fuel-efficient petrol and diesel powered models," Fleming added. "This is further evidence of how the ONE Ford global product vision is transforming our business. European consumers will not have to wait too long before they can choose from a range of electrified alternatives from Ford."

The first models to be launched in Europe will be zero-emission, full-electric versions of two significant models in Ford's global product portfolio.

The Focus Electric will be based on Ford's next-generation Focus model and is one of at least ten vehicles that will be developed from the company's new global C-car platform. Focus Electric will be introduced in the US and Canada in 2011, followed by Europe in 2012.

The Ford Transit Connect Electric is a zero-emission, pure electric-powered version of the award-winning Transit Connect light commercial vehicle and goes on sale in North America later this year. Ford is aiming to make the Transit Connect Electric available for European customers from 2011.

Future Hybrids
While Ford has considerable experience in the North American market with full petrol-hybrid vehicles, the company also is planning to expand its presence in Europe with two all-new, next-generation hybrid passenger cars based on global platforms following in 2013.

In addition, European customers will be able to opt for a plug-in hybrid model, also coming in 2013.

"Thanks to the global economies of scale afforded to us by our ONE Ford initiative, I am delighted we are able to make the commitment now to deliver these models to customers in Europe, particularly as the demand for hybrid vehicles grows," added John Fleming.

Further details of Ford's hybrid and plug-in hybrid models will be revealed closer to launch
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