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Ford Tops Toyota in Harris Brand Poll
Auto Observer
By DANNY KING March 23, 2011

Ford topped an annual automotive brand poll conducted by Harris Interactive, while Chevrolet and Honda also leapfrogged 2010 brand leader Toyota in the survey. Meanwhile, Mercedes-Benz overtook Toyota’s Lexus badge among top-rated luxury brands, while Kia, Land Rover, Acura and Audi had the largest year-over-year improvement in the poll, Harris said in a statement Tuesday. The Harris Poll EquiTrend study cited a January online survey more than 25,000 U.S. adults

Ford and Mercedes “have faced recent challenges, but both have introduced strong new and redesigned products,” said Carol Gstalder, senior vice president of business and industrial research at Harris Interactive, in the statement. “The opportunity is sustaining this improvement in the face of increased competition.”

Ford’s sales jumped 19 percent last year to more than 1.9 million units, with 2010 truck sales surging 27 percent and models such as the Ford Fusion sedan and Ford Edge SUV each boosting sales by more than 20 percent, the automaker said in January.

Meanwhile, Toyota’s reputation took a hit starting in August 2009 when a deadly Lexus crash in California was deemed by some local officials to be caused by unintended acceleration.

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