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Ford's December 2010 Worldwide Sales Breakdown
Explorer and Transit Connect show off
February 3, 2011
By: Austin Rutherford

During the Great Recession, automakers and their suppliers began to slash production. They needed to do this for them to stay in the black and stay alive. Now that the world market is rebounding in North America and some parts of Europe, automakers have increased production so much that suppliers can not keep up.

In fact the problem has grown so much that Ford and others have had to stop production. Remember that if just one part is missing out of the thousands in every car or truck, that it can not be built. This past week alone, three automakers announced that a plant would shut down. Ford said that it would loose a week of the Dearborn-built F-150 due to the lack of 3.7L V6’s; Chrysler announced that it would shut down their Ontario minivan plant for a week; Volkswagen’s Golf plant in Germany will also be shut down for a day.

These suppliers were hurt so hard during the recession that many of them have little cash on hand and since loaning has not been freed up, it is probably hard for many of them to take out a loan. Due to this lack of capital, the production recovery will be slow and not fast enough to keep up with demand.

There is a solution of how Ford can increase their supplier’s production however. They need to offer low interest loans to their suppliers so that the supplier do have the capital to raise production. This worked last year when Ford gave a loan to Visteon after it declared bankruptcy.

If capital is not the supplier’s problem, then Ford needs to find another way to get the job done. This could include having another supplier also build the part or the purchasing of that supplier. Hopefully the latter will not be needed.

Not only will these save from more assembly line production stops, but it could also save Ford from a market share loss that could come with it. It is essential to their business to have healthy and market production-competent suppliers.

Now, let’s see the sales in December…

Ford North America

Sales in the United States were up 17% thanks to large increases from the Explorer, Fusion, and the new Fiesta. December also saw the first sales of the 2011 F-150 with its new engines and other improvements and the all-new Explorer. Explorer sales were above an adjusted 100,000 sale level, using the 12 months of a year, for the first month in years thanks to the new model.

Canadian sales were up in December even though the market was down. This, however, was not enough to win the #1 position for the month. The sales increase was lead by the Edge, MkX, and Escape.

Mexico sales surged in December and Ford moved into 3rd place for the month. This was probably a result of the two Fiestas in the country. Hopefully this lasts into next year so that Ford can recoup the market share loss of the past year.

Ford Europe

Sales in Europe were down once again due to the scraping plans of last year. The big news, however, was that the UK was not Ford’s largest market. For the first time, that title belonged to Turkey as sales totaled around 25,000 units. Turkey is under Ford’s joint venture, Ford Otosan, which builds the Transit Connect, Transit, and Euro Cargo.

Ford South America

December sales in Brazil were at their highest level since March. Every model outside the Fiesta and Ka had their highest sales of the year. The new Edge, having a full month’s sale, had sales up around 400% from the month before. In fact, around a third of the year’s sales came from December alone.

Sales in Argentina were stagnate with sales up only a few percentage points. The EcoSport is Ford’s biggest seller in the country.

Ford Asia Pacific and Africa

China’s sales increase was lead by the Focus and Fiesta during December. The Focus was able to claim the 9th best selling non-commercial car for the month.

Due to the multi-billion dollar flooding in Australia, sales were hit hard in the country in December. This did not affect the Fiesta though, as its sales increased due to a better flow coming out the Thai plant.

Indian sales were not as high as the many months before it. This was a result of the failure to be able to build enough of the Figo. However, the Fiesta and Ikon had very good sales for the month.

Now to the breakdown…

Countries included in this month were Australia, Austria, Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, India, Ireland, Indonesia, Latvia, Lithuania, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States, Uruguay, Venezuela, and Vietnam.

Model Breakdown

JMC Boarding - Unknown
JMC BD-Series/ Boadian - Unknown
Lincoln Mark LT - Unknown
58) Landwind Fashion/CV9 - 39
57) Ford Econovan - 113
56) Troller T4 - 134
55) Ford I-Max - 190
54) JMC Baowei - 296
53) Ford Endeavor/Everest - 485
52) Mercury Mountaineer - 520
51) Landwind X6/ X8/ X9 - 557
50) Ford Bantam - 574
49) Lincoln Town Car - 617
48) Ford Ikon(Indian) - 657
47) Lincoln MkT - 693
46) Ford Courier - 767
45) Ford Cargo(EU) - 844
44) Ford Territory - 859
43) Lincoln Navigator - 906
42) Ford Heavy Trucks - 1,227
41) Lincoln MkS - 1,238
40) Ford Escape(Asian) - 1,306
39) Ford Fusion(EU) - 1,652
38) Ford Fiesta(Indi)/ Ikon(S.Af) - 1,736
37) Ford F-Series(SA) - 1,788
36) Ford Galaxy - 2,005
35) Mercury Milan - 2,278
34) Mercury Mariner - 2,302
33) Ford Falcon - 2,406
32) Lincoln MkZ - 2,573
31) Ford Flex - 2,599
30) Ford Figo 2,607
29) Lincoln MkX - 2,683
28) Ford Cargo(SA) - 3,290
27) Mercury Grand Marquis - 3,293
26) Ford Crown Victoria - 3,512
25) Ford Ranger(LA) - 3,653
24) Ford Ranger(World) - 4,059
23) JMC Convey/Carrying/Qingka - 4,492
22) Ford S-Max - 4,780
21) Ford Expedition - 4,836
20) Ford Ka(EU) - 5,010
19) Ford Ranger(NA) - 5,434
18) Ford Taurus - 5,841
17) Ford Mustang - 5,899
16) Ford Kuga - 5,998
15) Ford C-Max - 6,644
14) Ford EcoSport - 7,367
13) Ford Ka(S.Am) - 8,762
12) Ford E-Series - 10,253
11) Ford Explorer - 10,878
10) Ford Transit Connect - 12,497
9) Ford Mondeo - 12,613
8) Ford Edge - 13,790
7) Ford Focus(NA) - 14,290
6) Ford Transit - 19,668
5) Ford Escape(World) - 24,890
4) Ford Fusion(World) - 25,005
3) Ford Focus(World) - 53,979
2) Ford F-Series(World)/ Lobo - 62,638
1) Ford Fiesta(World/LA) - 62,804

Sales by Category

City - 5,010
Sub-Compact - 76,566
Compact - 68,269
Mid-Size - 42,469
Full-Size - 16,907

Utility Vehicles including MPVs
Sub-Compact - 9,019
Compact - 42,545
Mid-Size - 35,811
Full-Size - 9,034

Utility Vans
Compact - 12,497
Mid-Size - 113
Full-Size - 29,921

Sub-Compact - 1,341
Compact - 13,146
Full-Size - 64,426
Class 6+ Truck - 1,227
Cab-Over - 8,626

Pony Car - 5,899

Full year sales will be out after December sales have been posted from Ford's competitors.

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Is that the Galaxy from the UK in the picture? Why isn't it available here?? Drop in the 240 HP 3.0L V6 or the 285 HP 3.5L V6 and I'll take one. Three individual seats in the middle, the widest part of the passenger compartment? That's exactly why I've bought three GM minivans over the competition! I'd like to see the rear seat replaced with a three-passenger split bench but this configuration will do. Bring it here. Now - while GM is still minivan-less and Chrysler is still merely updating it's old models.

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Very interesting to see how successful the Ford Edge has become, now it's moving to export sales. It's worth noting that the base MSRP of the Edge makes it the most expensive top seller in the US.
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