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Ford's Full Year 2010 Worldwide Sales Breakdown
World/ Latin American Fiesta Takes the Sales Crown
February 24, 2011
By: Austin Rutherford

Due to a lack of foresight, distraction due to PAG, and other issues, Ford fell behind in many of the world’s emerging markets including China and India. Now since many of these distractions are gone, it is time not just to expand. We are talking about investing not just in those markets where Ford fell behind in but also those that are ready to emerge.

There are dozens of markets around the world that could emerge soon and Ford needs to take the lead before—not after—they emerge. The investing should include plants and dealer networks.

Many of these countries lie to Africa and Central Asia.

Ford simply needs to do this to vastly expand beyond their competitors in the coming years.

Ford of North America

Sales in the United States gained market share for the second year in a row thanks to a 19% rise. Canada sales gained market share as well and upgraded to be the largest seller in the land for the first time in decades. Things did not go as well in Mexico as sales were stagnate in an up market.

The new vehicles launched in the markets of North America included new facelifted Edge and MkX, Fiesta, and Explorer. New engines were also launched in the Mustang and F-Series.

Ford sold more full size trucks in North America than any other company in 2010.

Ford of South America

Ford do Brazil’s sales were up, but Ford’s market share still was a stagnate 10%. 2010 saw the introduction of facelifts for the locally designed Fiesta, EcoSport, and Edge. Also, the World Fiesta was launched having been imported from Mexico. The Ford Fusion became the first vehicle in Brazil to be offered in a hybrid.

Ford small brand, Troller, celebrated the 10,000th sales of the T4 off-roader in 2010.

Ford Argentina relaunched the Transit in 2010 as well as the facelifts for the Mondeo and S-Max. Like Brazil, Argentine sales were up, but with stable market share.

Ford Europe

After a great start to the year, Ford Europe’s sales fell harshly as scrappage programs ran out in the major markets in Europe. This also led to a loss in market share. The good news is that Ford refused to put large amounts of cash, unlike other automakers that put sometimes in upwards of 20% off on the hoods.

A new subsidiary was formed in Europe in 2010. Ford Romania was born due to Ford’s takeover of a Daewoo plant in the country. That plant, having been retrofitted, now builds the Transit Connect.

During 2010, Ford Europe launched facelifts for the Mondeo, S-Max, and Galaxy. They also launched the all new C-max and Grand C-Max, which will be sold in the United States as well by the end of 2011.

The best selling market was, as usual, the United Kingdom. It was however not the best selling market every month. Turkey made a huge jump to overtake in December proving that eastern euro markets are moving in as an important part of the overall market.

Ford Asia Pacific and Africa

This area proved, as Ford predicted, to be the fastest growing of any of the four major areas. Indian sales were the fastest growing, but China sales were the largest in volume.

Due to the large success of the Figo, Indian sales tripled. The Figo became the most awarded car in Indian history thanks to its features and price.

Ford China sales were up 40% from 2009 as sales from the Focus and vehicles produced under JMC grew greatly in the world’s biggest market.

Sales in many Southeast Asian countries were up thanks to the added production of the Fiesta in Thailand.


The slow selling LCF ended sales in 2010 due to new emission standards that its diesel engine could not handle. The vehicle had been launched for MY2006.

Having the new and better Flex coming out the gate, the Taurus X knew its life was going to end before it was even born. Lanuched for MY2008, it only lived for two model years before being given the axe. This is one vehicle that Ford wishes it could forget.

The Mercury Sable was born as a sister car to the fast selling Taurus in 1986. In had been killed off in 2005 only to be reborn for 2008 and with its boring, uninspiring design, it finally experienced its last sale in 2010.

Born as a cheap sedan version of the Ford Fiesta, the Ikon sold for years in Latin America and Asia. Though it had been dead for years in most markets, it had lived on in India. With a new Fiesta around the corner, something had to be cut and the axe came to the Ikon. The vehicle experienced its last sale in December.

Born in MY2006, the Mercury Milan was a sister car to the Ford Fusion and Lincoln MkZ. In May 2010, Ford announced the death of the entire Mercury brand and therefore, the Mercury Milan was killed off as well. It lasted five model years and two generations with sales ending in December.

After sales ended for the Ford Ikon in China, its assembly machinery was “sold” to JMC. The vehicle was given a new face and given the name Landwind Fenghua. With low sales, its days were numbered from the start and it recorded its last sale in November.

Around 2003, with lowering sales in its Mercury brand, Ford began a product offensive in the brand. The bad part was that they were all rebadges. In that time, the Mercury Mariner was born and actually caught on unlike some of the others. It experienced its last sale in December with the death of the entire brand.

Along with the death of the Milan and Mariner, the Mountaineer also had its last sales in December. It was born in MY1997 and went through 3 generations.


Due to the merging of the “North American Focus” and “World Focus,” it is no longer needed to be separated. From now on, “Focus” will be used.

Now that the “Indian Ikon” is dead, the “Indian Fiesta/ South Africa Ikon” will drop “South African.”

With the new larger World Ranger, it will now be considered "Mid-Size."

Where were the sales?

For a market to be included in the following list, it must have contributed to at least one month with at least one model’s sales. The markets which added sales in 2010 were Algeria, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Columbia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States, Uruguay, Venezuela, and Vietnam.

Model Breakdown

Lincoln Mark LT - Unknown
64) Ford Taurus X - 12
63) Mercury Sable - 37
62) Ford LCF - 65
61) JMC Boarding - 236
60) Landwind Fashion/ CV9 - 528
59) Troller T4 - 1,618
58) Ford Econovan - 1,847
57) Landwind Fenghua - 2,171
56) Ford I-Max - 2,285
55) JMC Baowei - 4,295
54) Ford Heavy Trucks - 4,298
53) Ford Cargo(Euro) - 5,093
52) Ford Ikon(Indian) - 5,611
51) Mercury Mountaineer - 5,791
50) Ford Bantam - 7,146
49) Ford Courier - 7,692
48) Lincoln MkT - 8,359
47) Lincoln Navigator - 8,790
46) Ford Endeavor/ Everest - 10,024
45) Lincoln Town Car - 11,497
44) Ford Territory - 11,701
43) Ford Escape(Asian) - 11,876
42) Landwind X6/X8/X9 - 12,452
41) Lincoln MkS - 15,448
40) Ford F-Series(SA) - 15,851
39) Ford Fiesta(Indian)/ Ikon(S.Af) - 16,630
38) Lincoln MkZ - 24,046
37) Ford Cargo(SA) - 24,487
36) Ford Galaxy - 24,577
35) Lincoln MkX - 26,393
34) Mercury Grand Marquis - 28,591
33) Mercury Milan - 28,912
32) Mercury Mariner - 29,912
31) Ford Fusion(Euro) - 35,465
30) Ford Crown Victoria - 35,962
29) Ford Ranger(LA) - 36,496
28) Ford Expedition - 39,003
27) Ford Flex - 39,040
26) Ford Falcon - 43,013
25) Ford Ranger(World) - 49,216
24) Ford S-Max - 52,270
23) JMC BD-Series/ Boadian - 56,105
22) Ford C-Max - 61,287
21) Ford Figo - 64,347
20) Ford EcoSport - 65,947
19) JMC Convey/ Carrying/ Qingka - 66,829
18) Ford Explorer - 70,776
17) Ford Taurus - 74,096
16) Ford Ranger(NA) - 75,017
15) Ford Kuga - 75,167
14) Ford Mustang - 80,884
13) Ford Ka(Euro) - 94,485
12) Ford Ka(S.Am) - 98,674
11) Ford Transit Connect - 101,124
10) Ford E-Series - 114,577
9) Ford Edge - 137,371
8) Ford Mondeo - 158,718
7) Ford Focus(NA) - 195,874
6) Ford Transit - 219,779
5) Ford Escape(World) - 244,254
4) Ford Fusion(World) - 249,734
3) Ford Focus(World) - 603,376
2) Ford F-Series(World)/ Lobo - 637,474
1) Ford Fiesta(World/LA) - 720,676

Sales by Category

City - 94,485
Sub-Compact - 908,109
Compact - 799,250
Mid-Size - 461,410
Full-Size - 208,644

Utility Vehicles including MPVs
Sub-Compact - 101,412
Compact - 436,951
Mid-Size - 345,638
Full-Size - 95,192

Utility Vans
Compact - 101,124
Mid-Size - 1,847
Full-Size - 334,356

Sub-Compact - 14,838
Compact - 217,070
Full-Size - 653,325
Class 6+ Truck - 4,298
Cab-Over - 96,409

Pony Car - 80,884

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