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FPV GT-HO not resurrected... yet

Ford Performance Vehicles has maintained its desire to raise the iconic GT-HO nameplate from the dead but says no official action has been taken just yet. Company chief Rod Barrett has always said he wants to oversee the comeback of the legendary model but only when the time is right.
The company was forced to refute a report in the latest issue of Wheels magazine claiming FPV will have a new GT-HO ready to roll by 2011. The magazine cites the introduction of Ford’s new 'Coyote' V8 engine program for later this year as the catalyst for the re-born 'HO'.
The Coyote is an all-new, aluminium, double-overhead cam 5.0-litre V8 destined for the 2011 Mustang which is expected to be launched early in 2010 and eventually replace the Boss V8 in the Falcon XR8 locally. Initial power figures for the new powerplant are believed to be in the region of 300kW and 540Nm.
But FPV spokesman Dave Harding denies that any decision has been made over the new GT-HO saying there is still a lot of work to be done before any announcement can be made.
"We've got nothing to say and we won't for a while," Harding said.
Harding says FPV is yet to make a decision on replacing its Boss V8 range but it would seem highly unlikely that Ford and FPV would have two different V8 options locally.
Wheels speculates that the GT-HO would run with either a larger 5.0-litre version of the Coyote that produces 350kW and 600Nm or a supercharged version of the 5.0-litre unit.
But although FPV won't confirm the GT-HO it has announced plans for three new models to hit the road before the end of the year. First up will be the production version of the F6E that was shown in concept form at this year's Melbourne motor show.
Harding confirmed that the F6E will launch in August with an initial run of 40 examples with further cars likely to be built to order. Although no price has been announced Harding admitted it will be a "premium" model for the brand with a pricetag to match.
It will be powered by the same 310kW/565Nm turbo inline-six engine as the F6 but with the creature comforts and more subtle styling found on the GTE.
Following that Harding says there will be another special edition model -- available in both sedan and ute -- available in September. Aside from ruling out a repeat of the highly successful Cobra models launched back in 2007 Harding was tight-lipped.


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"...We've got nothing to say and we won't for a while," Harding said...
Choose your 'translation':

[ ] We're too busy working on it to talk about it

[ ] We're still testing the pre-production drivetrain to know whether it's worth it

[ ] It's gonna have to wait to the global version** & the EEKonomy tho better isn't quite supporting a GreenLight ...yet

[ ] Ford-NA is still figuring out how They're going to market it in NA


[ ] other


the GRwdP that's been sitting a shelf (incldg LHD) for over a year now
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