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Lotus Evora GTE Unveiled as the Most Powerful Lotus Ever: 2011 Frankfurt Auto Show
By: Colum Wood

After being revealed in concept form at Pebble Beach, just a few weeks later Lotus has rolled out the production version of the Evora GTE Road Car at the Frankfurt Auto Show today. In many ways a road-going version of the Evora GTE race car, the road car holds the title of the most powerful Lotus street car ever, with a supercharged 3.5-liter V6 pumped up to 444-hp.

Using the same aluminum tub as the regular Evora, but with a significant wide body (by several inches), the production model gets plenty of functional aerodynamics, including a large rear wing – that we’re glad to see has replaced the highly-stylized, but rather un-functional one found on the concept.

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