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1- trying to think where to stick this video;
decided to bump the "signature thread" for the *squishy*section* of MOBILITY

2- the cynical solution not IN the video but IMHO happening all around us:
too much traffic? make people unwilling to go anywhere OR can't afford to go anywhere...
...eventually not ALLOWED to go anywhere


Mercury C557
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Re: from CES to Sync3 to Mobility to... ...somewhere in Manhattan

from an email:
...ready to see the future of transportation?

Then next time you're in New York, head on down to the Westfield World Trade Center to visit FordHub — an interactive experience designed to kick-start conversations.

And that future looks bright. You can see a world of smart mobility on our World Wall — a 25-foot wide digital panorama that displays a vision of a world where smart mobility is at the forefront.

From self-driving cars to crowd-sourced shuttles, we're creating even more ways to help you get where you're going.
- - - - - - - - - - - - -
FordHub Offers an Interactive Glimpse Into the Future of Transportation
Ford Social
- Sean T. Johnston

Instead of explaining its transformation from a car company to a mobility company, Ford would rather show it. That’s what FordHub, a new and interactive experience in New York City, has set out to do.

Located in Westfield World Trade Center, one of the busiest transportation centers in the city, FordHub contains a wide range of experiences for people of all ages. The goal is to capture the imagination and create a dialogue about what transportation could mean in a world of evolving technology.

“Our first FordHub is a place designed to spark questions and curiosity,” said Elena Ford, Ford Vice President, Global Dealer and Consumer Experience. “This isn’t a store or a dealer – it’s a place for participation and creativity. We want people to have fun while engaging in conversation about the future of transportation.” The FordHub aims to entertain and educate through digital experiences and programming.

Visitors can experience a number of activities and exhibits, including:
• A real-time mobility map of New York, showcasing the city’s iconic destinations along with commuter alerts for travelers and a customizable digital “fly through”
• The World Wall is a 25-foot wide digital panorama that displays a vision of a world where smart mobility is forefront and features innovations and developments by Ford
• A Ford Vehicle Visualizer that gives visitors a highly engaging and customizable glimpse into the Ford lineup, complete with the ability to customize any vehicle on a high-definition display
• An entire installation devoted to Smart Mobility where visitors can take a selfie through the eyes of Ford’s high-tech autonomous vehicle, in addition to a regenerative racing challenge that lets people face off in a pedal-powered race to the finish
• The wobble board-powered Last Mile Challenge that lets patrons challenge one another in a virtual relay race using various modes of transportation
• Chariot is a crowd-sourced shuttle service that started in San Francisco and recently expanded to New York City
• Light Wheels Interactive, a captivating LED display constructed of over five-thousand Ford diecast cars from throughout the company’s history
• FordHub will also feature an in-depth introduction to FordPass, a smartphone app that goes beyond a traditional vehicle ownership program and allows you to pay your bill, schedule service, pay for parking in select cities and more
• In addition to the installations, the FordHub will also host events and programs such as live podcast tapings and Mobilize New York, a challenge for solving travel and mobility issues in the city.

While checking out the FordHub, visitors don’t have to go it alone. On hand throughout are FordGuides, experts who can answer questions about the space itself as well as Ford vehicles and innovations.

Innovative experiences like FordHub and state-of-the-art mobile apps like FordPass are just some of the ways that Ford Motor Company is evolving to meet the future of transportation. It’s a not-too-distant world filled with possibilities like autonomous vehicles, e-bikes and connected vehicles.

Regardless of what transportation will look like in the coming decades, Ford will be there to help people get where they want to go.

FordPass is available for download now on iOS and Android smartphones.


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