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Here's a compliation of funny chops I've done:

Feel free to make suggestions for future chops or include you own funny chops too.

Here's the first can figure it out:

MKC concept rollerskates

Smart car pinball machine.

The wildly popular "laser Focus" chop....

A new Hummer model.....based on an Opel like the rest of the GM models.

A future Ford truck tailgate.

Lady in FJ Cruiser's reaction to seeing her car in a reflection of a tanker truck.

Here's another:

Oh my goodness, I don't know how I forgot this one!

This one's for Jelly....

(this last one probably doesn't make sense, but at the other forum I post in, there's a guy name FordJellymoulds (2b2 knows who I'm talking about) and every post he makes refers to the "dull, bland, and boring, 'jellymoulded'" Mondeo - he's from Europe - so I made this one "for" him.)
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yes, the toyos being runover made me laugh. i like this thread. the Lincoln in the water is great too.

here are a couple:
this iwas sort of funny. how many rabbits can you see...

this would be a Mercedes Benz Continental coupe:

this was to bring Toyota's ca2007 design language to it's most extreme joke:

this pokes fun at greenies and hybrids:

this is one of my ultimate jokes:

this was going to be the Chrysler Satellite, a 'base' version of the Skyline GT-R, lol, complete with small steelies:

a 'real' spyphoto...

this was a joke, tiny tucker:

this is a 660 cc Kei class Ford GT, sure....

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Holy cow ... talk about a blast from the distant past ... but, dang ... I like these ... well, except for the dinosaur one ... LOL!

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