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Ford Fusion Gets Subtle Body Kit from 3dCarbon
By Andrei Nedelea | Carscoops

Ford seems quite proud of itself for its expected sales figure for the Fusion by the end of the year. Their estimates indicate more than 300,000 cars sold through 2013, and this exponentially increasing number will dramatically reduce the visual impact it has – no matter how pretty or imposing a car is, if you start bumping into it everywhere you go, it will not leave a lasting impression with you.

Now, the Blue Oval comes to buyers’ rescue with a factory-supported body kit by 3dCarbon that is part of the Official Ford Licensed Accessories catalog and it gives the Fusion a bit more visual pizzazz. You do have to know the car already in its stock form, in order to spot it, but that just means it’s nicely integrated into the rest of the design and nothing clashes.

We agree that it does make the Fusion a bit more aggressive “without resorting to outlandish, or quickly fading design trends,” being comprised of a nicely integrated front splitter, lower side skirts, a revised rear bumper with dual exhausts and a small boot spoiler without which the look would not have been complete.

One neat feature of this kit is that it does not affect the warranty in any way and comes with a five-year or 50,000-mile one itself, which matches Ford’s official after-sale parts support.

Check it out in the gallery over at Carscoops
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