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GM likely to retake No. 1 sales spot from Toyota

DETROIT – General Motors is almost certain to claim the title of world's biggest automaker this year, retaking the top spot from Toyota, which has been hurt by production problems since the Japanese earthquake and still can't escape the shadow of major safety recalls.
The No. 1 title, a morale booster for the winner's employees and managers, would cap GM's remarkable comeback from bankruptcy.
GM's sales are up, mainly in China and the U.S, the world's top two markets. Its cars are better than in the past, especially small ones.
But even though GM came within 30,000 sales of Toyota last year and began strong in 2011, any sales victory this year has more to do with Toyota's problems.
First, a series of big recalls has ballooned to 14 million vehicles worldwide and damaged Toyota's reputation for reliability. That has spurred loyal buyers to look at other brands.
Second, a March 11 earthquake and tsunami in Japan curbed Toyota's car production. On Friday, Toyota Motor Corp. said its factories worldwide won't return to full production until November or December. That means buyers across the globe may not be able to get the models they want. Already the crisis has cost the company production of 260,000 vehicles.
Last year, Toyota sold 8.42 million cars and trucks, barely ahead of a resurgent GM, which sold 8.39 million. GM held the No. 1 spot from 1932 until 2008.
Here's why GM is almost a lock to retake the lead this year:
A BETTER GM: General Motors Co. was dysfunctional three years ago, hobbled by enormous debt and a giant bureaucracy. Its quality was suspect, it lost billions, and it had few products other than pickups that buyers found appealing. After a government bailout, a leaner GM emerged from a 2009 bankruptcy with new vehicles and a focus on Chevrolet, Buick, GMC and Cadillac. Since then, GM has come up with hits including the Chevrolet Equinox small SUV, the Buick LaCrosse luxury car, and the Chevrolet Cruze compact. Its quality is better. Sales so far this year are up 25 percent in the U.S. and 10 percent in China. The efficient Cruze compact and Chevrolet Volt car both hit the market as U.S. gasoline prices started rising.

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After what I heard yesterday, I would suffice to say GM may lead in profitability as well this year.
What are you smoking? Having spent over $1k MORE than average to push mediocre vehicles off the lots for the first two months of the year will PREVENT what you just ASSERTED to ever happen; despite the unlawful retention of GM's losses (which is not the same company LEGALLY as Government Motors), Government Motors is in no way ready to lead on profit! And when you factor in that the only reason Government Motors sold so many vehicles was because of their pricing gimmicks and not the merits of the vehicles, you will see Government Motors' lead over Toyota shrink assuming Toyota can maintain production of its Japanese products. Government Motors sales in March 2010 tanked because they stopped throwing dollars at its products.

The is no evidence Government Motors is a significantly profitable operation with its Chevrolet division left with so many old and mediocre products - the Spark and Malibore costs will hit this year and any other new product launch will also hit - decreasing profitability. And with Government Motors still not getting it on bringing world class products to market, there is no foundation for significant profitability.

What you will see is Ford slamming Government Motors in profitability - and big time. Typical koolaid drinking GMI propagandameister.
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