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If you are looking to personalize your Ford F150, T-Rex has the perfect aftermarket grille for your truck. Each T-Rex grille starts from a custom jig using laser cut materials, precision TIG welding, meticulous assembly, and quality control. It is then finished in your choice of durable "Sinister" Gloss Black Powder coat or "Electro-Polished" Stainless Steel. T-Rex grilles come with all required instructions to make installation a blast.

This holiday season, you have the opportunity to save 10% off the original price on all T-Rex Products at CARiD. Hurry - before the sun sets on this sale. The offer ends on December 30, 2020. Prices are already reduced.

T-Rex® - Torch-Al Series LED Light Grille

T-Rex® - Laser X-Metal Series Grille

T-Rex® - ZROADZ LED Revolver Laser WEB Grille

T-Rex® - Laser Stealth Metal Series Grille

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