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Honda warns Thai flooding will hit U.S. production
Hans Greimel
October 31, 2011
Automotive News

TOKYO -– Honda Motor Co. reported a plunge in quarterly profits and warned that parts shortages from massive flooding in Thailand will hit production at the carmaker’s North American factories.

The only question is how bad the interruptions will be.

CFO Fumihiko Ike gave the assessment as Honda pulled its full-year earnings guidance because of supply chain and assembly disruptions triggered by rising waters in the Southeast Asian nation.

“Make no mistake, we know there will be an impact,” Ike said of Honda’s U.S. operations. “But we’re still examining what kind of scale it will be. The situation is constantly changing.”

The new supply chain disruptions come just as Honda and other Japanese automakers try to return to full production in the wake of the March 11 earthquake. Toyota has already canceled overtime shifts in the United States and elsewhere, citing parts shortages from the Thai floods.

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