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There is a great selection of complete replacement headlights with custom design for Ford F150 models. Those headlights are usually equipped with all needed bulbs and wiring, and some of them come with additional LEDs, halo rings and U-bar style daytime running lights.

Today we would like to share with you the YouTube video installation instructions and recommendation on how to change headlights on your truck:

1. How to install headlights, connect High/low beams and turn signal.

2. How to I connect the LEDs, halo rings or U-bar DRLs

Check the full list of aftermarket headlights for FORD F150 on the following page:

Most of aftermarket headlights are designed for F150 Trucks equipped with stock halogen headlights.
However some headlights for late model F150 have special versions for trucks with stock HID headlights. In such cases you may see the following sub model selector:

It is very important to chose the right option for your truck as the headlights have different inner part to match your specific light system.

My F150 was equipped with stock HID (xenon headlights)

The light system in such trucks is different and a little bit more complex. HID unit has different bulbs, wiring and ballasts.
Factory HID lights provide very good brightness and light intensity. Aftermarket headlights allow you to keep your stock HID unit and reuse it in the new headlights.
Aftermarket headlights for HID models come without bulbs and wiring and designed to accommodate your stock HID system.
This way you receive good looking headlights and keep the original bright HID light.

My F150 has regular stock halogen headlights.

In this case you will receive a complete replacement headlight equipped with all bulbs and wiring, so all you would have to do is just to replace them.
High beam, low beam and turn signal connectors are plug-and-play.

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