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Hello, everyone. My screen name is cobrajetjoe77 and I am new to the Forum. I am a member because I like to research as much information about Ford Motor Company as I can because I care about the company and its future. My great grandfather, grandfather, and father all worked at Ford Motor Company as well as myself. I have read many articles about changing perception that are written by so called experts but I want to gain insight from the real customers that care about Ford Products and the company. What do you think are some ways to change the thinking of the average customer’s perception of Ford quality? We all know that Ford Products are near the top are even is some areas better then the competition. Although, I must say the company cannot afford to stop now, they must continue the success. This is just the beginning. I would love to hear all your thoughts.

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Welcome cobrajetjoe, we are always glad to see another Ford fan around.

Ford is only now just starting to see the positive effects of so many years of it's efforts in improving quality and processes, with hard work, common sense and simplifcation when possible. This train is really just starting to roll, and there are many more cars behind it, with even better quality news. Stay tuned.

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Welcome cobrajetJoe.

Along with the progress Wings mentioned, I think they've gotten a Lot of their priorities in motion
so much so that "it's about time"
that Ford started doing something with things that have been forgotten/ignored/back-burnered, like the Ranger and Panthers and ...ummm...Lincoln-MERCURY!!!

yeah, I know they are working on the T6 and (hoping/guessing:) on the GlobalRwdPlatform too
there's that 'mystery redo' the Panthers/STAP are supposed to get next year ...actually Part2... where all that Part1 had to show for it was a new grille on the GM (=$100,000,000 btw); so I'm hoping they also got a bunch of design work done on that 1st budget and we'll get more visible results from the 2nd.
I was reading the current "Mercury to be Phased Out by 2011" thread at BON, and I'm so afraid they'll actually do it - the ultimate abandon-rather-than-fix of all time - and If/Then they'll spend a fortune (I am SURE) on getting new models accepted for
the same role that Mercury could fill, if given the product to do it.

I'd really like to hear Why Mercury has no CD3 or D3 CUV,
Why there's no Merc version of the re-done Focus,
and Why it's taking an extra 3+ Years to bring out the Lincoln version of the D3 (ie 3+ years from the 500/Montego intro).

plus (back to your question) it doesn't help the great new products being sold next to the orphans...
I have more specific suggestions to offer if you know an email address to send them to.

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Good question. My thoughts are that the consumers perceptions will not be changed until Ford of America changes its perceptions of what the consumers want and will pay for.
IMO Ford of America believes the North American consumer will not pay for higher grade Ford vehicles. Which to a point is very true, but IMO the North American consumers is not offered a higher grade Ford product, which can be found in Ford's International markets.

I find this comparison ruffles many and always ends up being a very defensive discussion.

My challenge to FoA would be (I know this scenario is impossible) as an example, with the new MY2008 Focus, sell alongside the C1 Focus, and maybe call it Focus2 and see what type of reaction happens. Who knows
maybe FoA would see the higher grade/engineered Ford vehicle would be accepted and the consumer would pay a little more.

My perception of FoA is that the company has no confidence in its products, as far as believing what the consumer will pay for a Ford, and IMO it shows in the sense that although many of the new products are much better, I am sorry but still no where close to the high quality Ford is offering to the rest of world.

Ford cars internationally are very highly thought of and some models are the bench mark in their segments.

I do not write these words to start a flame war, it is only my opinions based on owning Ford vehicles both in North America and Europe.
I also realize that most auto manufacturers deal with the Ńorth American market with the same attitude, Toyota, Honda, Nissan, GM, etc, do not offer the same high grade product that is offered outside of North America. This brings me to the point of stating this, FoA is in the best position to jump ahead of the others and be a leader(as they are in other markets) and offer the same high grade Ford vehicles to the North American consumer. IMO this would most definitely change the consumers perception. As I truly believe that the North American consumers demands are changing and will spend their hard earned dollars if the product is perceived to be worthy.
Also I believe this would shutup the auto critics and a flood of positive reviews would be very helpful in the enthusists world.

As a consumer of Ford vehicles while living in Canada, I got really tired of hearing FoA explaining why we could not have the same Focus when it changed over to the C1 platform , or even now why we could not have the new Mondeo, S-Max, C-Max, etc. As a consumer these are all just excuses, which gave me the perception that Ford does not want to offer me the again IMO best Ford vehicles possible. Consumers do not buy excuses, they buy what they want, that is the reality that FoA needs to accept. In my business if I had to use excuses such as "its too expensive to produce" or "you wouldn't pay for it anyway" I would be out of business.

I just recently moved to Europe and last week purchased a new Focus. Going into the Ford showroom here in Tallinn, Estonia was so exciting, seeing the new Mondeo, S-Max, Galaxy, refreshed C-Max, the awesome Focus ST in that outrageous orange paint and orange inserts in the Recaro seats, and the Fiesta ST painted with strips just like a Shelby. Volvo and Ford are in the same showroom, and I have been a 3 time Volvo owner 1999 S70 and 2 S60's MY2002 & MY2004, and the Ford vehicles are IMO in the same quality game as the Volvo.

BTW, my father worked at Ford OAC for most of his adult like, and my feedback is only for the betterment of FoA.
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