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Illustrated! Speculation Continues About Jaguars Future Flagship...The XJ

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Well...after the illustrated opinions of the Jaguar 911 Fighter that has been rumored and discussed here and elsewhere on the was inevitable that the same illustrative speculation would befall the Jaguar XJ Flagship.

Again, this illustration is courtesy of my friends at Left Lane and is the sole property and creative talent of the artist Larson.

So far, the only 2011 Jaguar XJ prototypes spy photographers have spotted are for mechanical testing only, using old XJ bodies instead of the much-rumored redesigned exterior. However, based on what we've been hearing from sources, our artists were able to create an illustration of how the finished car could look.

Jaguar has reportedly previewed the car — codenamed X351 — to VIPs in the dealer world and elsewhere. One source who has seen a preview of the new XJ described it as similar to the Aston Martin Rapide in appearance. Larger than the coupe-like Mercedes CLS, the new XJ has a sloping roofline and very sleek exterior overall, sources say.

Jaguar's design chief Ian Callum has even openly stated the new XJ will be a fair bit more daring than the new XF, since it's a lower volume model. We're expecting to see sleeker headlamps like those on the popular C-XF concept, plus an especially low-slung profile.

The new XJ will continue to use its predecessor's all-aluminum chassis — and that's a good thing. We might see a concept previewing the new XJ in the next year, but the production is still 18 to 24 months away.
There is also a collection of spy photographs of the latest XJ Mules running around on Left Lane as well...please go check them out.

Well...if the XF was any indication of what Jaguar is capable of with Ian Callum...then this speculative illustration could be pretty accurate. All in all, a Jaguar XJ Vanden Plas like this or a certain XJR would give the BMW 7-Series and Mercedes-Benz S Class a serious run for the money.

I know it isn't completely, but I still must say it...God Bless British Motoring and God Save The King!

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I quite like this rendering. It has the XF look to it, but somehow it manages to look completely different but still has the current Jag design. I'm really liking the lower air vent on the front fender and how the line continues through the rest of the car.
What really got me worried about the sale is that Fiat will get its hand on Jag tech that Ford paid and thats not fair dammit Ford even with selling Jag should use use one of Jags platforms for a Lincoln Sport Coupe
I rather think that every rendered-speculation I've seen so far is waaay too derivative

& tho it may not be all that good, here's an old chop of mine (based off a brand I wouldn't use anymore) - now, I'd re-make it a bit more angular - but still think it's at least Distinct from other Jags
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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