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The catalytic converter is a key component of the exhaust system. They are built to last and are not exposed to the same levels of wear and tear as moving parts of the car, but a build-up of rust, oil leak, failed gaskets, worn piston rings, or physical damages from rocks and road debris can cause irreparable damage. A faulty catalytic converter will no longer clean up the exhaust gases from harmful carbon dioxide elements, and result in a failed emission test.

Eastern Catalytic is one of the leading suppliers of the rebuilt catalytic converters to aftermarket and OE customers. Each of their products is approved for the use on OBDII equipped vehicles in the U.S. Being made to original equipment (OEM) specifications for a hassle-free installation, it becomes a great cost-effective alternative to OEM parts.

Eastern® - Manifold with Integrated Catalytic Converter

Eastern® - Direct Fit Catalytic Converter

Eastern® - Universal Fit Catalytic Converter

Check out this page to read more about catalytic converters.

Stay on the safe side with replacement catalytic converters by Eastern Catalytic
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