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AlphaRex is well-known in the automotive aftermarket industry for building unique stylish headlights available in different color choices that have better than average build quality. Today, we are here to introduce their new product - NOVA-Series Mid-Night Black Sequential DRL Bar Projector LED Headlights. They feature a projector headlight construction and utilize superior quality LEDs, generating brighter light when compared to your truck’s factory halogen units output.

Polycarbonate lenses are extremely durable and they have been coated with a special compound to prevent them from fogging, yellowing, or oxidizing, which also allows for better light output in bad weather. These headlights are compliant with SAE and DOT FMVSS108 regulations and feature an easy plug-and-play installation.

Increase your visibility with a set of new AlphaRex NOVA-Series Headlights!

AlphaRex® - NOVA-Series Mid-Night Black Sequential DRL Bar Projector LED Headlights


  • Boast the patented projector design and excellent light output
  • Lenses are coated to prevent fogging, corrosion, and fading
  • Tasteful housing gives a finished look and impressive stance
  • Meet many modern industry standards and regulations
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