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In the Autoblog Garage: 2007 Ford F-150 Harley-Davidson

Ah, how we miss Ford's second-generation Lightning. By infusing an F-150 with 380 HP of supercharged 5.4L fury and selecting suspension components that were up to the task of harnessing such power, the Special Vehicle Team (SVT) redefined the sport truck genre and sent the competition scrambling to build worthy competitors. In 2003, the Lightning gained a big brother in the form of the supercharged crew-cab wearing Harley-Davidson livery, but unfortunately, SVT's run came to an end a year later, and with it disappeared the blown Ford trucks.

Fast-forward to the present - the Harley-Davidson package has transitioned back to the F-150 after a brief flirtation with the Super Duty line-up (featuring one of the most garish paint packages in recent history), and forced induction has yet again found its way back into the fold. Now packing 450 horsepower and the blackest color scheme imaginable, we recently got a chance to spend a few days with what is currently the most powerful pickup truck available.

The standard F-150 is already a menacing vehicle as far as half-ton pickups go, and the acres of glossy black paint and chrome billet trim on the H-D version makes one think that Satan likely uses this very truck to haul his firewood. The six-bar grille and enormous 22-inch wheels are what first catch the eye, but several other changes abound - including body-colored accents in the headlight capsules, large but tasteful "Harley-Davidson" letters rendered in chrome along the bed rail, and valance trim along the rocker panels. Limousine-dark tint on the rear windows hints at further antisocial behavior and nicely rounds out the package. We dig the orange stripe package, and even the palm-sized H-D/F-150 badges don't seem out of place. Car and bike fans will recognize the special nature of this truck, but it's also subtle enough not to get glaring looks when rolling through a supermarket parking lot.

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