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Jaguar C-X75 Hybrid Supercar Confirmed for Production
By Colum Wood
May 6 2011

What seemed like a pipe dream is about to become reality with Jaguar today announcing plans to put the C-X75 hybrid supercar concept into production. First unveiled at the Paris Auto Show, the stunning machine will be brought to reality thanks to a partnership between Jaguar and the Williams F1 team. Using a carbon fiber chassis, Jaguar said it plans to further explore the use of jet engines in its models through a partnership with Bladon Jets, but in order to bring the C-X75 to reality within a reasonable timeframe it will instead opt to use a “highly boosted” internal combustion engine with an electric motor at each axle.

With this drivetrain configuration Jaguar is promising a 0-60 mph time of less than 3 seconds and a 0-100 mph time of less than 6 seconds. The top speed will be above 200-mph, and Jag is also targeting an all-electric (emissions free) range of 30 miles).

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my main reaction has nothing to do with Jaguar...

...these hybrid-electric performance cars are freaking me out
the Mfgs know something about petrol becoming priced like 'unobtanium' in the Near future

(still not JUST about Jaguar)
I am LOVING how Tata and the Chinese are getting?forcing Jag and Volvo to get-over-themselves
and start producing the cars, or at least concepts, that it's felt like they fought Fomoco tooth & claw to stay wallowing in the oh-so-sticky-mud of their Pasts - - almost makes me wonder if the new overlords have the "prigs" (ie managements') families locked up somewhere

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