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While Japanese brands continue to sit in the top three spots on this year’s Consumer Reports reliability study, companies from Germany, America and Sweden are creeping up the list.

Lexus, Toyota and Acura still come in as the top three in that respective order, though this year GMC and Volvo cracked the top 10 in ninth and seventh respectively. Audi also climbed the ranks this year to secure an almost-glamorous fourth place position. The top 10 brands are finished by Mazda in fifth, Infiniti in sixth, Honda in eighth and Subaru in tenth. Last year’s top brand, Scion, dropped 10 spots and now sits in 11th thanks to issues with its new sports car, the FR-S.

To come up with the results of this study, about 1.1 million Consumer Reports subscribers are asked a variety of question pertaining to their new car purchase, including questions about the infotainment system and interior electronics, one area in particular that many vehicles were rated poorly.

While GM fared well, Ford did not...
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CR has lost all credibility since it started ranking automobile ‘reliability’ based on their likes and and dislike of an infotainment system.

But slamming cars is the new CR marketing plan. No one would know CR existed unless they had something negative to say about automobiles. They figured out they would not get headlines for rating toasters and washing machines. So they target the most popular, best selling automobiles, and piss off large segments of the auto buying public. And their readership still continues to tank even further.

Automobiles overall have become so mechanically reliable, CR really has no purpose. In their eyes, the vehicle with the least technology wins.

For product reviews, consumer reviews are the most reliable, which has CR targeting automobiles for relevance.

Just to show how disconnected CR is from the consumer:

- They didn’t like the new Civic, and it became the #1 selling compact sedan that same year.

- They didn’t like the MyFord Touch system, and it became the #1 selling infotainment system industry wide with an 80% take rate, and why Ford vehicles with MyFord Touch, including C-Max/Fusion Energi sales continue to climb.

So in reality, CR has become the most ‘unreliable’ consumer rating source.
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