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Ford Focus WRC-S

The Ford Focus WRC-S is a variant of the Ford Focus Coupé S 2.0 TDCi, limited to only 666 units, all of them destined for the Spanish market. Price is 21.595 € (including the current rebate of 2.300 €); meaning 1.430 € over the TDCi.

The WWRC-s is set apart from the TDCi through equipment and trim, there are no mechanical differences. All 666 untis will be painted in white and are ornated as you can see in the pictures, each one with its consecutive number (in the pics you can see # 001). It also wears the aerodinamics enhancements of the Focus ST (ground effects and spoiler)

Inside you will find leather seats and is signed by Marcus Grönholm (WRC 2007 Ford's driver).

The door trim mimics the seat covers (with white stitching) as also do the carpeting. Steering wheel is leather covered, pedals are drilled composite and the shift knob is made of aluminum.

Exclusives of the WRC-S are Electronic Stability Control, Bluetooth conectivity, dual climate control, cruise control and 18" wheels.

Note of the Translator: on 6/8/2007 1 € = $ 1.343
Note of the Translator 2: My apologies for the crude translation

for more pics CLICK HERE go to the bottom of the page and CLICK on the word Imágenes.
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