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DetNews - Ford shuffles Mercury brand
...will offer smaller entry-level premium c
ars and crossovers that will complement Lincoln.
Bryce G. Hoffman / The Detroit News

Ford Motor Co. will reposition Mercury as an entry-level premium brand that will support Lincoln, according to senior executives.

Lincoln will no longer get any smaller vehicles, as had been planned, while Mercury will only get smaller cars and crossovers, said Derrick Kuzak, Ford's global product chief.

"Mercury and Lincoln will complement each other," Kuzak told The Detroit News Thursday. "Lincoln will start with midsized sedans and move up from there."...

...Dealers were... ...pointing out that Mercury brings a different demographic into the showroom than any other Ford brand -- a fact Kuzak acknowledged.

"Mercury brings a younger, more female customer than the Ford brand," Kuzak said during a briefing with reporters earlier Thursday. "We're focusing (Mercury) very much on small, fuel-efficient products."

Ford hopes that Mercury will continue to attract these younger premium car buyers who will then move up to Lincolns as they get older and their families get larger.

Going forward, he said, Mercury will continue to offer improved versions of its Mariner crossover, Milan mid-sized sedan and a new as yet unnamed compact. That car will go into production in 2010 and will share a common platform with the new Ford Focus that will also enter production that year. In addition, Mercury will offer hybrid versions of the Mariner and -- starting at the end of this year -- the Milan.

Kuzak made no mention of the full-sized Mercury Sable, which no longer appears to be part of the brands future lineup. Instead, he said, Lincoln will pick up where Mercury leaves off, giving Lincoln-Mercury dealers a full product lineup.

Chris Lemley, who owns several Lincoln-Mercury dealerships around Boston, wants to see more details of Ford's plan. But he likes what he has heard of it so far.

"Not only is some product news better than no product news, but some Mercury strategy is better than not having one," he said. "I think there are some definite plusses. Many people don't realize that while Mercury's heritage is in large cars, the division has sold small ones successfully, too. The last full year of Tracer was more than 40,000 retail sales that Ford thought would get picked up by Escort. It never did."...

...Kuzak also said Ford now has "an absolutely unrelenting focus on fuel economy," but not at the expense of affordability. "All customers cannot afford a $3,000 premium for hybrids," he said...

not much more..., I posted most of this (minus an inaccurate opinion &) a bit of "filler"

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so... a few details begin to emerge.

Imho sounds a bit like Mercury is going to be a Lincoln-Junior
(like I suggested Saturn could be a Buick-Jr. in a GMI thread recapped Here)

...not as prominent a role as I've been invisioning(ranting) for Merc;
tho we still haven't seen any specifics for the larger-than-Milan vehicles:
- will the GrandMarquis continue as long as STAP builds Panthers?
- will Sable... ...well, WTF IS happening???
- could a GrandMilan appear?
- could 'small vehicles' included a Mazda RX-8-sourced sportscar?
- what about something based on the ROTW/smaller Mazda6?
- just how small is "Small"?
- will the smaller-than-Milan car be a C2-or-C1-variant or C170-version4 or _____?
- and how soon?
- & could the whitespace vehicle be a Merc?
- how do Kuga & Mariner co-exist or not?
- & HOW THE **** COULD A "KUGA" NAME BE ON ANY U.S. VEHICLE (ask a Bostonian how they say COUGAR!!! (guessing))
- IS Lincoln still going to get several (Global)Rwd vehicles?
- could the MKS then get handed-down to Merc?
- why abandon larger Mercs just to re-intro them?
- what does "IS" mean anyway ;)

at least it sounds like my Milanetto is the first NextMerc :)

MotorAuthority's take - which imho is nonsense & fluff so I'm not quoting ANY of it

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^^ Wingsnut,
from the DetNews article, it sounds like Merc may actually move upscale to be (mostly like) small Lincolns
(imho Lincoln IS moving up considerably tho "we ain't seen nothin-yet, just the FirstSteps!!")

not sure ^that^ (if I'm right) pleases me,
Mercury is sooo distinct in my mind from any other Fomoco brand...
even A N Y brand
( kinda blend the very-best of Mercura, Meriniti, Meraudivagen with a touch of bMERCw & Mercubishi... ...minus the drugs/lack-of-taste I see happening more&more with ^them^ a 'remembrance' of:
& others)

so guess I'll hafta wait and see how the words translate into vehicles.

did your whitespace comment just confirm it Will be a Merc, Wings? ;)
(did you see my 'Electron'?)
((let me know if we need to remove these references...))

reminded by a thread elsewhere
tho I would question if any brand in the world, not just mainstream-thru-attainable brands, needs a car as large/long as any current Panther,
I've been wondering about a sedan as long as the current D3's for mainstream-Ford.

With the Q45 still on hiatus, the Avalon getting reportedly replaced with a new-Accordian-sized stretched C'mary, <which is about as big as Mopars have been lately,
I still think the superTaurus needs to leave Ford and go L-M-only.

True, it may sell less as a monSABLEtego, *at first*,
but imho it would re-align the brands for a better posture (chiropractor allusions) for the future.

guess we'll see its direction first... ie next spring with the superWhatever's intro


2010 Taurus by the Stylist @ CarSpyShots & FordAustraliaForums

assuming this Plan means L-M is going to be One Brand with 2 size-ranges, does that mean
- the Mondeo (top trims) will be either a Merc or Lincoln (with either a waterfall or bow-wave grille OR both)?
- then the Fusion could get the major Americanization?
- that the GrwdP WILL be primarily a Lincoln platform is N.A.?
- and a Lincoln Territory will replace/one-up the Mountaineer and augment the MKX & Navi?
- could there be a future LincolnMercury badging on vehicles that "cross the line" in size or trimlevel?

last edit (yeah right):
When does Fomoco announce MERCURY's RETURN to CANADA???

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I am quite relieved about the rescue of Mercury since I am fan of the brand and have been since I first saw the thinly vield 2002 Mountaineer Concept at NAIAS in 2001...Thats the best looking BOF SUV in the history of the world.

Anyway, before this news, my favored L-M plan had been this:

-Mystique: C2 upscale Focus sedan

-Milan: CD4/EUCD2 upscale Fusion

-Sable: D4 upscale Taurus

-Cougar: CD4/UCD2 based coupe and hardtop convertiable competing w/ Sebring, G6, Accord, Altima. Unique to Mercury in NA, shared with Ford in Europe.

-Mariner: C2 upscale Escape/Kuga

-Monterey: CD4/EUCD2 badge enineered Ford S-MAX or Galaxy, not shared with Ford NA.

-Mountaineer: D4 upscale Explorer.


-MKZ: C2-Premium small car to compete with S40,A4, TSX, ES, etc.

-MKR: GRWD-Premium entry lux sport sedan aimed at 3,C,IS,G37, CTS, etc.

-MKS: D4-Premium large midsized AWD luxury sedan

-MKC: GRWD-Premium flagship with std V8. Have a Conitental trimline ::D

-MK9: Hardtop convertible sportscar based on the MKR, sharing engines and wheelbase.

-MKG: C2-Premium CUV to compete with RDX, etc.

-MKX: CD4/EUCD2 Premium based CUV, unlike 2nd gen Edge, give it a small 3rd row.

-MKT: D4-Premium based large 6-7 seat crossover.

-Navigator: F-100 based large lux SUV to compete with Escalade.

NOW HOWEVER, I think L-M may look like this in the future...


-Mystique: C2 upscale Focus in sedan and possibly 5dr hatch. Hybrid version as well. Engines: 1.6EBI4(1)-150hp, 2.5I4-171hp, 1.6EBI4(2)-200hp, Hybrid.

-Milan: Cd4/EUCD2 upscale Fusion. If the Fusion and Mondeo converge with nearly identical sheetmetal (sans front and rear ends lets say) The Milan could be offered in a hatch and or wagon version to differentiate it from Fusion and no/little extra cost. Hybrid version as well. Engines: 2.5I4-171hp, 1.6EBI4(2)-200hp, 3.5V6-265/280hp, 2.5EBI4-275hp, Hybrid.

-Cougar: Now I think this should be based on the C2 or B2E (Fiesta) platform as a small, economical, modern sport coupe. Keep it unique in NA but brand it as a Ford in Europe (I am well aware of the previous attempt at this, name it something else in Europe). This will FoMoCo a small coupe to sell alongside a 3dr Focus...but in L-M showrooms. Mustang should be very American in styling, while the Cougar should be more modern and worldly, with daring styling and a range of economical and powerful I4's. This should be tuned like a cheaper, FWD coupe version of the Miata, very go-kart like in the handling department. Heck, they could "Mercury-ize" the Reflex concept for all I care...that would be awesome.
Engines: 2.5I4-171hp, 1.6EBI4(2)-200hp, 2.5EBI4-275hp.

-Monitor: B2E (Fiesta) based crossover with styling based on the dumbly named, overlooked, but handsome MY Mercury concept from a few years back. Engines: 1.6EBI4(1)-150hp, 1.6EBI4(2)-200hp.

-Mariner: C2 based upscale Escape/Kuga. In the new scheme I think this is going to make my so-called MKG irrelevant. Engines: 1.6EBI4(2)-200hp, 2.5EBI4-275, Hybrid.

-Monterey: CD4/EUCD2 rebadged version of the European S-MAX or Galaxy...probobly S-MAX. This will give L-M dealers another NA unique product for Mercury as well as a 3-row CUV to sell on the lower end.
Engines: 2.5EBI4-275hp, 3.5V6-265/280hp.

*Note, I am making the assumption that the upcomming I.6I4 that will debut in the Fiesta will come in 3 versions for NA. Base would be a 120hp version for the base Fiesta. The base EcoBoost version, good for about 150hp, will power ST version of the Fiesta as well as act as the base engine for Ford's C-sedans,etc. effectively replacing the Focus' current 2.0I4. The second version of this engine will be the full EcoBoost treatment, making about 200hp will act as a SVT version for the Fiesta, a ST version for the Focus, and act as an intermediary engine between I4s and V6s for the Fusion, Escape, etc. In Mercurys however (Mariner and Milan) this will act as the base engine.

* You will also note that for the D35V6 I have put 265/280 hp. This is because I believe that soon, maybe even for the 2010 Taurus, Edge, etc, we will see upgrades to the engine (which were mentioned at launch) that will increase power a bit and improve fuel economy by 1-2 mpgs.


-MKZ: CD4/EUCD2 based premium sedan to compete with ES, TSX, 9-3, etc. You'll notice I moved this back to midsize category because of recent announcement. Engines: 2.5EBI4-275hp, 3.7V6-300hp. Hybrid V6 shared with Taurus, Edge, etc.

-MKR: GRWD-Premium based sport sedan to compete with CTS, 3, C, IS ,etc. If MKZ is the classy, more conservative sedan, the MKR is bold and very sporty, with less interior room than the MKZ, the more family oriented product. Engines: 3.7V6-300hp, 3.5EBV6-360 hp, 3.5EBV6-415 hp.

-MKS:D4-Premium based plus-sized mid-size luxury sedan with standard AWD to compete with 5, E, GS, A6,XF, etc. Engines: 3.5EBV6-360 hp, 3.5EBV6-415 hp. Hybrid V6 package available as well.

-MKC: GRWD-Premum based large luxury flagship to compete with 7, S, CLS, LS, A8, XJ...but at a much lower cost. Styling based on a "Horbory-ing" of the 2002 Continental concept with a bit more "flow" to the body and the addition of the bow-wave grille to the front. Engines: Give it a V8 only with optional AWD. The V8 could be a premium version of the 6.2V8 or it could be a new Lincoln/Volvo prodject or something, that would make at least 450 hp. Offer a top-of-the-line "Continental" package to boot:D .

-MK9: GRWD-Premium based hard-top convertable sports car. Share all engines and wheelbase with the MKR.

-MKX: CD4/EUCD2 based luxury mid-size crossover. Competes with RX, FX, MDX, etc. To differentiate it from the 2nd gen Edge, give it a small 3rd row seat to sit 6-7 people. Engines: 3.7V6-300 hp, Hybrid V6 pacakge available.

-MKT: D4-Premium based luxury large crossover to compete with GX, R Class, GL Class, etc. Engines shared with MKS. 3.5EBV6-360 hp, 3.5EBV6-415hp.

-Navigator: F-100/Expedition based Full size Luxury Juggernaut to compete with Escalade, LX, Land Cruiser, Land Rovers, etc. I had thought about killing the Navigator because it conflicts with the New Lincoln of being smooth and classy. But if it is still a chash-cow then maybe it makes sense to hold onto it for a while...maybe put it off to the side of the show-room floor:cool:

*Notice that once again that I have changed some engine figures. I believe that very soon the 3.7V6 will get some techno-goodies to raise Hp to the 300-ish territory. Also, I wouldn't be surprised to see two versions of teh 3.5V6 EcoBoost engines at work, the 360 hp version as the "V8 replacement" and upgrade engine for the MKR and MK9....but also a performance/sport model version making 415 hp or so. This arrangement makes sense to me.

Anyway, I hope I added a bit to this discussion. Here's hoping we will see/know a bit more about the future of our favourite corner of the FoMoCo Empire over the next 6 months...there is LA, Detroit, and Chicago in that timeframe!!!! For 2010 model year we will see:

-Milan update
-MKZ update
-MKX update
-Navigator update
-MKT debut
-EcoBoost engine in the MKS

-Hopefully a concept for both Lincoln and Mercury (to boost the perception that it is going to live on). Personally I would love to see a Cougar concept or a concept for the next-gen Mariner. As for Lincoln I would bet we might see a MK9...Horbury has yet to show off his skills at designing a sports car...

Here's to the future!

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very Nice, thoughtful lineups, Ds91776

Here are some perhaps-far-out idea/questions for you to consider in addition to
- the possibly temporary nature of the small-only Mercs, &
- the Mazda-Connection (both mentioned in post 2) &
- the Canada question (from post 5)
how about a Volvo connection?
the S40-V50 are supposed to be replaced by a single C2 model... to make room for a new S60, possibly based on the same "medium" sized platform that's inside the C70 (not convinced it's really purely C1 OR EUCD).
^There's 2 newer-than-brand-new smaller-than-U.S.midsizers that could be built (possibly alongside a C30/Comet) in one of the "musical-factories" for both Volvo AND Mercury...
what about a China connection (for Lincoln?)- saw an article quite a while back about a stretched Mondeo being 'tested' for China* (couldn't find it on Ford's China website) - - could it lead to a slightly larger MKZ when the CD3/EUCD unification happens?

(note: the present midsize Fomocos have an interesting & w-i-d-e range of sizes
194.50 - 109.80 - US-Mazda6
191. ~ -- 111.60 - S80
190.55 - 112.20 - Mondeo
190. ~ -- 107.40 - Fusion,Milan,MKZ
187.70 - 112.20 - S-Max (Galaxy=same wlb, 189.8 ovl)
186.40 - 107.26 - euro-Mazda6
186. ~ -- 111.20 - Edge,MKX
& for comparison
181. ~ -- 107.00 - S60 (old platform)
180.40 - 103.90 - C70 (same wlb as the C1 S40,Mazda3,Focus)
...I used the ~ for both uncertainty (S80) and multiple lengths in model variations)

* direct link to the MotorAuthority article from Monday 30 July 2007

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Just one brief comment: you won't see any front drive or front drive biased AWD cars or crossovers with more than the 340 HP planned for the MKS,Flex, and MKT. The engine can put out a lot more but the transmission and CV joints can't safely handle more than 340-350 HP and torque. AWD doesn't solve the problem. A rear drive biased AWD would.

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I don't agree with Merc only being a small car line. Ford will loose sales from the lack of large RWD and maybe FWD large cars. Merc vehicles have just looked better than Fords. My opinion. If customers don't like the Fords, the only option is the Lincoln. Lincoln will not be in their price range. If Merc was available, a step up is in reach of pocketbook. :(

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I think Ford could continue the Merc G. M. Just an Idea. Base of the looks of the Milan, build a larger full size version of the Milan, with some tweak design changes, on a new platform, with the 3.5 engine. It doesn't have to be the same length as the current G. M. A fresh new look and a better MPG engine with more horsepower. :rolleyes:

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I think Ford could continue the Merc G. M. Just an Idea. Base of the looks of the Milan, build a larger full size version of the Milan, with some tweak design changes, on a new platform, with the 3.5 engine. It doesn't have to be the same length as the current G. M. A fresh new look and a better MPG engine with more horsepower. :rolleyes:
I think that would be a great idea.

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I seriously have several customers who report getting 25-30 MPG with their Grand Marquis.
When I was driving my Grand Marquis home from the dealer I was getting an excellent 27.8 MPG on the Highway. And in my Sable I usually get 29 or 30 MPG on the Highway.
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