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Saab 9-4x Revealed Ahead Of Los Angeles Auto Show Debut
By Derek Kreindler
October 18 2010

Saab’s 9-4x crossover will finally see the light of day, and we have some of the first pictures of the car ahead of its Los Angeles Auto Show debut.

Sharing much of the same architecture as the Cadillac SRX, the 9-4x also comes with the same 3.0L V6 and 2.8L turbocharged V6 engines, displacing 265 and 300 horsepower respectively. Torque vectoring all-wheel-drive is available, while a 6-speed automatic gearbox helps put the power down.

Autoguide will have live shots of the 9-4x when we cover the Los Angeles Auto Show in November. In the mean time, check out the gallery and official press release on the Saab 9-4x.

Full text and gallery at link

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