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These days is all about electricity. But not to save the planet or to make vehicles more efficient. The electrification of the cars has turned out to be to give it more power and make them faster. This is how an insipid Tesla Model 3 can boast of beating a BMW M3 or a Shelby Mustang GT 350 on the track. The constructors of supercars are taking note of this and are designing the response to this anomaly.
Lamborghini is starting the journey to the electrification with this vehicle: the Sian. A hybrid supercar, with a V12 engine and an electric motor that help the combustion engine to move this incredible machine. And here is a surprise, is a hybrid but doesnt have a battery . The secret is a supercapacitor that store the energy from the brakes and feed the electric motor. This magic configuration save weight. A lot of weight. The combination made more than 800 hp and is faster than a Tesla Model 3 in a 0 to 60 mph: less than 2.8 sec.
The car is fantastic, with blade shaped panels that intersect others in a futuristic, powerful and agresive style. Is a pure Lamborghini... in the tradition of the Countach.

Bad news for all those here that are buying all those sport, electric and fast cars... the Sian is already sold.

here the pics and link

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