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I am going through the features on both the Escalade and Navigator and the Navigator really offers a lot more. There's a lot of attention to detail they did on the Navigator they really weren't playing around with this redesign.

1. Panoramic roof, Escalade doesn't offer one only a regular sunroof
2. Rear seat entertainment with streaming capability, wireless headphones, and sling integration eclipses the Escalades only DVD entertainment system
3. Auto high beams, don't see that option at all for the Escalade
4. Power reclining 3rd row, not available on the Escalade
5. Illuminated seat belt buckles, a silly feature but again attention to detail
6. 30 way power seats vs the 18 way on the Escalade
7. 20 speaker Ultima Revel system vs the 16 speaker Bose system
8. Multiple USB ports in all 3 rows
9. 360 camera, I don't see that as an option on the Escalade
10. Memory seats for both driver and passenger, Escalade only offers for driver
11. Push button shift vs column shift a personal preference one but with the new piano like keys it makes the column look dated.

Lots of other attention to detail items like suede headliner and illuminated map pockets etc. Navigator is just coming across as much more of a vehicle but Escalade has one thing that the Navigator doesn't have and that's brand cache and that's entirely Ford's fault for letting the Navigator which was first to fall so far behind. Will this turn it around? It's possible but I have to bet GM is going to be keeping a close eye on it.
321 - 321 of 321 Posts