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Mazda2 5-door spotted in California

Posted May 25th 2008 10:33AM by Frank Filipponio
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Click above for high-res gallery of the Mazda2 in the wild

Although we've seen the Mazda2 before in 3- and 5-door configurations overseas, the presence of it at a local car meet in Southern California had us once again speculating about its sales potential in the States. The fact that the meet was held at Mazda's SoCal HQ means that the car could simply be undergoing evaluation, but judging by the reaction of the crowd, we think this has better sales potential than the 2009 Focus that was parked at the other end of the lot. While the exterior looked pretty spiffy, the interior looked cavernous. Smart design, and a worthy competitor for the Yaris, Versa and Fit. While we've heard that Ford's version of this car, the Fiesta, will make it to our shores eventually, we still don't know for sure about this lovely little Mazda. Mazda keeps waffling. We'll keep our fingers crossed, especially knowing there's that Mazdaspeed2 in the mix, at least overseas. But that's where all of the magic seems to start nowadays so there is hope.

Gallery: Mazda2 5-Door

Mercury C557
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I love the front-end styling on the 2 (swoop-swoop-swoop) 'til ya get to the wheelarches = OK
and think it'd look even better in the rear with a US-sized bumper
just in case enquiring minds want to know
167.32 - 97.99 - 68.11 - 54.33 - Fiesta sedan (afaik)
153.00 - 98.00 - 66.70 - 58.10 - Mz2 5-door
145.35 - 97.99 - 65.12 - 54.33 - Verviesta-concept pre-Geneva (3-door I think)
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