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Mazda6 assembly moving to Japan - Detroit News
April 5, 2012 at 1:00 am
By David Shepardson

New York— Mazda Motor Co. said Wednesday that it will build its next-generation 2014 Mazda6 in Japan next year after it halts production at its joint venture in Flat Rock this summer.

The new Mazda6 will have Mazda's SkyActiv technology, which boosts fuel efficiency by around 30 percent. The new Mazda6 will go on sale in early 2013...

...Mazda will retain a 50 percent ownership stake in the Auto Alliance Inc. factory in Flat Rock — even though only Ford will be building vehicles there. Mazda will halt production of the Mazda6 early this summer in Flat Rock, O'Sullivan said.

"We're going to keep a pretty decent footprint still in southeast Michigan," O'Sullivan said, adding that Mazda will source parts from many U.S. suppliers for the Mazda2 and Mazda3, which will be built in Mexico.

Mazda will keep some engineering and purchasing work at its offices near the plant. It currently has about 70 people in its southeast Michigan operations...

...The Mazda6 will make its world debut at the 2012 Paris Motor Show in late September...
...The prototype version Mazda is showing is very close to the production version, he said...


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Mazda, along with every other car maker, is ditching its V-6 engines in place of four-cylinder engines. A few people were hoping that the swansong would be saved for the 2014 Mazda6, but alas, it is not going to happen. With auto loans, you can get the most recent version of the Mazda6. I have heard that the 2014 Mazda6, which is going to hit dealerships in the first quarter of 2013, will be built in Japan. The car will make its public debut at the 2012 Paris Motor Show which will make every buyer crave for it.
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