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Melding of Fiat, Chrysler advances - DetNews
Integration of firms' managements could come this week
Last Updated: July 26. 2011 7:17AM
Christine Tierney and Bryce G. Hoffman/ The Detroit News
Sergio Marchionne, chief executive of Fiat SpA and Chrysler Group LLC, is expected to reveal the framework of the company the two automakers are creating as early as this week with the announcement of a new, integrated management...

...'Shock therapy' at Chrysler

Driven by Marchionne — an extremely hard-working boss who needs little sleep — engineers, managers and workers have put in long hours and achieved tremendous improvements in vehicle quality and cost-controls, analysts say.

"The difference is Sergio himself," said Jeremy Anwyl, chief executive of research firm "He has introduced shock therapy. He did it earlier at Fiat, too. It's a little bit like what Ghosn did at Nissan, where he shattered some aspects of the corporate culture — the very cozy relationships with suppliers, for instance."

Under Marchionne, Chrysler has been transformed. "There's a lot of the old GM in the new GM, and you can't say that about Chrysler," Anwyl said. "That's very hard to do in such a short period of time."

From what analysts have learned of the new management structure, they say it will allow Marchionne to delegate more. "It'll be less of a one-man show," said Pierluigi Bellini, a Milan-based analyst at IHS Automotive.

Marchionne now has 50 managers reporting directly to him, and six BlackBerry smartphones.

The new organization will allow him to step back and perhaps renew his search for a third partner. Marchionne was interested in Adam Opel in 2008 when General Motors was selling the German carmaker. More recently, he was negotiating a deal with Russia's Sollers, which went instead with Ford Motor Co.

from The Detroit News

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Amazing how Chrysler is being treated with such respect with Fiat. There is soo much to look forward to with the Fiat/Chrysler merger of technologies. Totally different compared to when Daimler owned Chrysler and stripped Chrysler of all dignity. The previous Sebring/Avenger, Jeep Compass and Commander and Aspen/Durango were only successful at setting Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep up for failure which they did very well.

Chrysler will have the last laugh at Diamler.
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